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Prairie Farm High School Reviews

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Prairie Farm High School is the smallest school in its district (with less than 100 students enrolled in grades 9-12). My graduating class had 22 graduates, but of those few 3 of us applied and were accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison and are going into our senior years. I personally have been on the Dean's list every semester since my arrival on campus and my other classmates have done quite well for themselves as well. Though Prairie Farm High School is a smaller school it gives students every possible tool they could imagine to become as successful as they want to be in life.
I am new to this school and it is my senior year. This school is very welcoming and all the people are so nice. They've helped me find where I'm going and how to get there. They are also very accepting. I don't miss my old school one bit.
I love the small town feel, and the close knit community of students and staff
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The teachers are amazing and willing to help.
we have great clubs to be involved in. There is a positive atmosphere everywhere in school.
There are a variety of sports to be involved in and also different options for gym classes.
Very unprepared in career knowledge
problems can anonymously be reported online
i havent had that experience yet
The sports teams are all pretty goof, but the weight lifting room could use some work.
Teachers are available when needed and counselors door is always open.
Some good experiences occurred when i was in dance.
The academics offered here are made of mainly general classes. There are many art and shop classes available to students as well. Students can also choose to take ITV classes wit include foreign language and medical terminology. These classes vary year to year.
The teachers are very friendly and do their best to help in any way possible. There can be a lot of homework, but topics discussed in class are focused on until students have an understanding.
Students are not allowed to wear tank tops with a strap tht measures less than 2 inches thick. The hem of shorts must be at least two inches as well. Skirts must be a moderate length. Clothing must not have any innapropriate logos, pictures, or writing.
Bullying is taken very seirously. Any on witnessing bullying or wishing to get help may talk to any teacher, or submit a bullying report form online.
I have gone to Prairie Farm High School since Kindergarden, so many of my friends i have known for years. I love that. Here, everybody knows everything. It can sometimes be a bad thing, but you know youll never be alone. People are open to making new friends.
Sports and extracurricular activites are a big part of my school. I have so many great memories from watching games, and going on trips with all of my friends. The sportsmanship and teamwork are both greatly practiced.
Grades are very important to our school. Many of the students that go here are on the honor roll, or at least very close. the teachers help us in ways that teachers in large schools may not be able to do. We are given much better attention. I would never choose to go to any other school.
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