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Prairie du Chien High School Reviews

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The teachers are amazing and very relatable. You will learn everything necessary for future endeavours. There's two new buildings for sports and the arts. Excited to see what the future holds.
I've been going to Prairie du Chien High School for two years now and I love it. My teachers encourage talking to them about colleges, they are just always there to help. Not just that, but there are many activities to get involved in, from Medical activities, sports, and even law activities. It may be a small high school in a small town, but everyone here has a big heart.
I like the biology classes offered and the after hours tutoring program.
Different classes should definitely be offered, and new clubs should be available to students.
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It's pretty small, so you're able to connect to teachers on a personal level. As long as you're doing your best, you'll do well.
My experience at Prairie du Chien HS was a good one. I was very involved throughout my years. By my second year I knew I wanted to help people and make their lives better. I always loved the lunches, because come on who doesn't like food. I also like that they offered many different classes that can get you ready for post HS life.
They offered a lot of AP classes and a lot of college credit classes. The college transcripted credit classes were very helpful in preparing for college, they kept to a pace that a college class would go. They offer a lot of athletic and non athletic extracurriculars. The building will be getting redone this coming summer which will make the feeling overall better and appear more like a small college. It's a very welcome community.
Our school is very unique because we have a wide range of school events and clubs. We could choose to be in International Club, which gave you the opportunity to travel to Europe and experience a different culture. Prairie du Chien High School also has very educated teachers that allow one on one studies. If I had to redo my high school career, I would definetly choose Prairie du Chien High School.
The teachers are very nice and helpful.
Our school is up-to-date with all the technology advancements.
We have great extracurricular activities; we have over 12 clubs and activities to get in involved in.
We don't have a school nurse.
There are many opportunities for students to get involved in sports at this school.
There's not a lot problems with the school administration.
Some teachers do a good job at preparing me for college.
The school has been doing a lot to improve the technology and the building itself. Busing is fast and efficient and is now available to students who live in town as well.
The school has been trying to handle any drug and bullying problems that are going on at school, but they could do a better job. Aside from the rules that aren't always well forced, there aren't that many security measures taking place within the school. I think the school is safe, but it could definitely be safer.
The administration does alright, but they could do a much better job handling bullying, drug/drinking issues, and other problems that occur within the school.
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Bullying, as in other schools, has been a significant thing seen within the school. Because the school is not very diverse, it's easy for students who are "different" to be looked down upon.
This school offers the common sports- basketball, track, cross country, soccer, golf, volleyball, football, baseball, and volleyball. Many people participate in these. There are also clubs like FFA, International Club, Skills USA, key club, political science club, Interact club, etc. In addition to that, there are musicals and plays that the drama/music department put on, which requires a lot of dedication and time to be a part of.
There are many different students that attend this school.
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