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Prairie Central High School Reviews

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My experience at Prairie Central was average. It could have been better with classes that provided you with more learning opportunities. The class schedules are not flexible so it is hard to fit in classes that you would like to take. It also doesn't have the best resources when looking for colleges and scholarships. Overall I believe Prairie Central needs to improve their academics and college readiness.
It allows me to try some electives that could possibly lead me into my future career based off of whether I liked that course or not.
I loved the ag program at Prairie Central. I became very involved in the FFA my freshman year, and consequently went to nationals three times with a chance to go a fourth if our Ag Business Management team wins state this spring. In total, we boast over 120 state wins, and 7 national championships in the FFA CDE's, of which I was one of the national champions. I would like to see some of the science department improve because right now the science class I am in is very easy and doesn't really prepare me for a college class setting.
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The four block schedule is nice and allows for more time to focus on classes. On problem with the school, however is that it seems that the budget cuts corners every year compared to other schools.
They did not offer enough variety of classes, some teachers were cool, others did not even care. Lot of teachers made you teach yourself.
I thought the teachers were very sincere in their efforts to help each and every student. I do wish that the guidance councilors were better about scheduling according to each students future interests.
There are a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities for the students at my school.
I am what you would call an outsider. I was never popular but people knew me and respect me. I enjoyed my time at my school, mostly because it was a small school so everyone basically knows everyone. I have great friendships with my few friends I made at this school, which I hope will last forever. One bad thing we have a terrible track. Hopefully they can fix it next year.
There are some teachers that know what they are teaching and they are really good at it. They also know how to get the students involved. Then there are some teachers who know what they are doing but aren't really good at teaching what they know to students.
No security personnel. No dog sweeps. Not a very safe school.
Lots of after school clubs and programs that any student can be a part of for little or no cost.
There were a lot of apostolic Christian parents that were extremely judgmental of other students who aren't apostolic.
There were a lot of teachers who didn't care about what they were teaching, didn't care about the students, and didn't grade each student under the same criteria.
I wish I had gone to a bigger school because there is more of a variety of students and activities. A lot of the students are into illegal substances, and I just don't fit in that well. I have had wonderful experiences at this school, but I do wish some things were different.
In our school, only some sports are supported. Some sports, such as the Dance Team, are sort of pushed to the side and placed below the others. The student body also call some things "lame" which is offensive to some people.
There are teachers in every department accept the Fine Arts, P.E., and FACS have 1 or 2 horrible teachers
Got rid a lot of the snack food options
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It was as hard as some other high schools
Could be stricter and not play favorites
Drug use is common so is selling drugs
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