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I enjoy the hard-working environment that we have in the schools with the students and teachers during classes and extra-curricular activities. I would change that we would have more electives to choose from.
I really enjoyed my time at Prague High School, although I think a large component of that was my class: the class of 2016. I don't know what made it this way, but in spite of the lack of school spirit, there was a solemn and steadfast camaraderie among our class that excluded none. Aside from that, most of the teachers are great. Overall a respectable school.
The personal safety measures are prominent, but not as great as they should be.
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The extracurricular opportunities from this school is awesome. We have so many opportunities and sports and clubs and organizations. Most all of the organizations have an amazing support system from parents and other students.
The students at this high school have good support systems parent wise. Many of the students however, do not have the right kind of support system. Some kids come from homes and parents who could not care less, and that saddens me extremely.
The teachers are very easy to relate too. Many of the teachers are involved in the sports at the high school, whether that be they are a coach, a parent, or just a teacher who likes to know what their students are doing and how well they are doing outside of the classroom. Most of the teachers do their best to keep the lessons interesting and relatable to high school students. Many of the teachers are also more than willing to meet students who are struggling outside of regular class time. They are willing to be there if the students are struggling in the classroom, or with personal issues in the home or within themselves. These teachers are hardworking and willing to be available and assist other teachers or students whenever they need assistance. These teachers are amazing.
I liked being in a smaller town because everyone comes together in times of need. Everyone shows their school spirit and support for the athletic teams.
Almost all of the teachers I had during my time at Prague High School were very friendly, understanding, and helpful.
The people can be nice but also judgemental
Though there are things I would change, overall it is a great school. The teachers are encouraging and always willing to help. Though some of the students are your typical judgemental high schoolers, many of them are kind Andorra than willing to welcome you to their lunch table. This school has taught me a lot about leadership and how important good teachers are. I love Prague schools.
this school is a small town school and there is quite a bit of bullying and not everyone tries to do something about it. if you are in a sport, you get special treatment and that's not how it should be.
There is no diversity at the school and they do not try to improve it.
There is no extra safety at our school.
There are many problems with the food at our school. There are not options and what they do have is not good.
The rules only apply to the students that the teachers want them to. They are very unfair and not everyone has to follow the rules.
There are not may options for fitness outside of sports.
There are very few who will do extra for you.
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They are not well funded and are not many to choose from.
They are excellent at what they do.
Most are white, but we have a few other races like African American, Asian, and Native American.
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