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PPEP Tec - Cesar Chavez Learning Center Reviews

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I loved my school, would not change a thing. Without my school I would not have make it to college. I had a lot of support and love from my school.
My school doesn't have athletics classes or opportunities of this type.
My school doesn't have extracurriculars.Most of the time we don't stay after school.
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I would choose this school again if could do it all over because, in here a had the opportunity to graduate earlier and go to college as a junior. I learn a lot of thing and this school provided me the opportunity to start with me career early.
Our school is always keeping on how is everything going. They inform our parents if we are not doing well.
All the teaches are doing well in teaching us the subjects that we need. The are always available to help us with other classes.
I think this school is doing very well with the safety, is a small place so the students and counselors are walking round to know how everything is going. In the other hand this school needs more space for have a school nurse .
My high school is small it has around of 150 students. We have dividers as walls so this doesn't help too much to student to concentrate. In the other hand we have very good teachers who like to help us in any area. Also, parents are involved to let them know how is everything going.
My high school is small place where most students are Hispanic. Most of the student are very well behaved and actually participate in any school activities that we have. The size of the school is very important for many students because teachers can get to know their students and help them in many ways that in other cases are not possible.
the teachers are very nice and able to give support to students that ask for it.
i felt like i got prepared for colllege because teachers would give the support but also students need to put their part also.
Its very moderate but doesnt give much of a food variety.
I love the fact that students can get extra help at this school in subjects they don't understand. plus the teachers push the students to reach their full potential.
There really isnt any type of after school activities at the high school I graduated from.
the school has a very good environment not just created by the students but by the teachers also. They give us a very good meal and there always paying attention to see how we are doing in school.
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