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Poynette High School is a very diverse school shown by all the activities and classes that are given to us students. Each year every student sits down with our school counselors and talk about which classes and activities best suit not only each student, but what will be useful for each students future as well. As a senior this year Poynette High School has made me the person I am today and has prepared me for my future. The only thing I would change about Poynette High School is adding finals to every class each student takes. Adding finals would benefit every student because it not only teaches students to study, but it also helps with time management and preparing students for college, or even just skills you need after school. Overall, Poynette High School is a great school, but students lose the experience of finals when attending Poynette.
I just........ wow. As one of the few gay kids here, I cannot wait to leave. Some teachers are ok, even pretty cool, but others......... they focus only on the kids in sports. Especially, a, um, certain math teacher who also happens to be a wrestling coach. He only cares about the wrestling kids. He only talks about wrestling. Like, I needed help in your class, please stop being a douche and help me with this problem that you never taught us about in class!
I'm a senior in high school and I have been here in the Poynette High School my whole high school career. I've had my ups and downs with this school. There were times I looked forward to getting up and there were days I seriously thought about ditching. The school is very small so everybody knows everyone. There isn't a whole lot of racial diversity. There are also some big bullying and because the school is so small, word gets around pretty fast. The teachers are okay. Not to shoot them all down, there are still some pretty amazing teachers. Some of the other teachers are a little bit more intimidating to approach. The food is good, too. Like everything, it isn't the best nor the worst. There is a good amount of options and they are also fresh. Overall, the school isn't so bad, I wouldn't move just to get out of it. I'd probably go again here if I had to choose high school and still lived in the same place. But it isn't the best place either.
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It's pretty accepting here. It's a small town, so there isn't a lot of diversity, but even when there is people aren't very judgmental or mean about it.
Most of the teachers are really great and extremely helpful. The curriculum is about average compared to mst schools our size. Scheduling is easy and has few conflicts typically. The workload depends on classes, extracurricular activities, and if you have a job or not.
Again, it's pretty average. We have a district wide nurse so unless it's serious, you take care of yourself. We aren't like LA so we don't have the weekly drug sweeps or metal detectors or armed police officers walking around. It's a little town and unless given a reason to worry, there usually isn't too much trouble.
It's definitely not the greatest, but it's not the worst for extra curriculars. The most participated in are softball and football and we are really good at those. I'd say it's about average for a school our size.
For the most part, the teachers are great. They are getting some fresh faces in there that are REALLY great teachers and are really something special. Some teachers are just... the opposite though. 2/3 are great or better, but the ones that aren't are below average or worse, especially when it comes to advice or help.
Counseling for bullying/other student issues is mediocre. Counselors are sometimes hard to contact, and information is usually limited. All outside doors are usually locked during the school day, and require to be unlocked from the inside office or a faculty member to gain access. There are no security guards/police officers in the school, due to the small student body.
Funding for non-athletic clubs is pretty non existent. There's many clubs that are under appreciated such as Science Olympiad.
Through band related events especially, I have found many great friends and had memorable experiences. The parental support for the band is great, but the community's support is pretty bad. Funding and care seems to only go to athletic related clubs. This school is mostly conservative, which leaves some kids to get made fun of for being unique/different. There are some great teachers that really care about their students, but there's also some that don't really care. The overall quality of the building is mediocre, as half the school is very outdated, while the areas by the gym are newer. Technology is improving, but still lacking. It'd be nice if every single student had access to a computer.
Many teachers go above and beyond to not only teach effectively, but some simply do not care. Some just put in only the amount of effort that will get them through the day. With standard based grading, it's easy for teachers to become biased, as entering grades has no numerical basis. If a teacher likes/dislikes you, it's very possible that they will sway your grades on personal opinions. In many classes, the students are out of control and disrespectful, making good teachers suffer. In many cases, the teachers have the potential and skill to become great instructors, but the kids discourage them through their behavior.
Small community, but open/accepting of gay parents.
Overall, this school is alright. It isn't the best, and it isn't the worst. There are many good aspects of this school, including teachers, the head principal (of the 2014-2015 school year), the extracurricular activities, the music program, and the AP/Honors courses.
Teachers always have their doors open to get help. The Standards Based Grading System is very stressful, and not many teachers explain what is expected of students. It is hard to judge what you need to do for each class. It seems like teachers always plan to have tests on the same days, honestly. But, teachers do assign lots of homework, which can be very stressful at times.
The food is not the greatest. Once, mold was found on cut apples from a bag, and another time a bone was found in a chicken patty. Food from the previous days are served later in the week or in the Ala Carte line. None of the food is made in the school, which is a total mistake. There are not many healthy options, other than a very bland salad. The food administered to each student is very slim, and is definitely not a whole meal, even though the prices are outrageous. Ala Carte line is the only way to go, but again there are few options and it is so expensive.
Most policies aren't known of until a situation comes up, and then the excuse relates back to not knowing about the policy. As of the 2014-2015 school year, the head principal is extremely caring, and active within the school. He attends many sporting events, encourages students across the board, and always has a bright smile on his face when students walk through the door at seven-thirty in the morning, and is able to call all of them by their first name. He is very involved in the school, and definitely knows what is happening at all times. Even though he has a doctorate, he still shows the students that he is there for them, and only them, making it that much easier to talk to someone. As for the assistant principal of the 2014-2015, he is nothing like the head principal of this school. He is not as involved and doesn't show his face in the morning, or even really in the halls. He doesn't say hello to students as they walk past, like the head principal would. But nonetheless, it is what it is. The administration doesn't exactly listen to the student body. They make decisions based on what they think is right, and will not make any accommodations based on what the student body wants. Granted, administration is supposed to enforce the rules and make a curriculum, but this administration needs to do a better job of understanding and connecting with students on the same level.
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Teachers are willing to work with students and try to improve the skills that are learned. Teachers have and will always find creative ways to teach students, whether it be through a website, a Mimio Board, or presentations. Teachers have a lot on their plate, but I would encourage the staff to try to grade the students' work in a more timely matter.
Each sport has its advantages and disadvantages, but what is important is that many students don't just focus on one sport, they are involved in many. The softball, basketball, and football programs receive the most benefits, and it does show.
Poynette has a variety of extracurricular activities for all to enjoy. These activities will not disappoint and are sure to welcome all students. Each club or organization involves the students and makes sure the same opportunities are available to all students. Whether its Spanish Club, FBLA, FFA, Science Olympiad, or Jazz Band, these activities are sure to keep everyone busy. What is probably most important about the activities, is that they are supervised by teachers and other staff members, showing that the staff is willing to put in the effort and recognize the outstanding abilities of the students involved in extracurricular activities. There is nothing bad to say about this aspect of Poynette High School.
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