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The administrator is not fit to lead. She tries to mask this by sending emails containing John Gordan quotes about positivity while simultaneously tearing down a targeted staff member. This target of her bullying is due to a lack of emotional maturity (as demonstrated by her screaming at parents and students) and the need to cover her incompetence through blame-shifting. Her desire to maintain employment beyond her capabilities results in poor management and leadership. She loves to spend the day gossiping with low-level employees and rewarding made-up or exaggerated stories with extended breaks. She uses these stories to create a problem employee to blame for poor building morale and directionless leadership. She is terrified of low-performing students and ENCOURAGES behavior management tactics, such as yelling at the students and physically intimidating them. She needs the appearance of control at all times.
They use technology to help students learn and it is up to date
I love that we are buzzed in and must stop in the office before going into the building. It makes me feel secure that my kids are there.
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Most of the teachers are very approachable and are willing to go above and beyond to help the students. If I have ever had a problem the teachers and administrative persons so above and beyond to help me.
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