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Poyen High School Reviews

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The Poyen school system is my third school to attend. I have enjoyed being in a smaller community. It’s given me opportunities in sports that I wouldn’t have had in my bigger schools. However, it doesn’t have a band program or some of the other extracurricular programs hat bigger schools do.
I like the fact that everyone knows everyone. It's a small town feel in the school and everyone looks out for one another. Sports events are well attended and supported and administration seems to also be involved. They're always doing fundraisers if someone is in need and helping whenever they can
I've been at this school since I was in kindergarten and I wouldn't choose anywhere else to go
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the nurse at the school helps the children medically as well as letting them have a quiet place to study
Just a normal closed minded southern school
The school is 15 years behind
Pe and basketball and winter baseball all use the same gym
People will go with out eating or bring their own lunch to avoid the cafeteria
The education is 15 years behind.. Books don't have backs and the library is useless
The dress code may be layed back but when the staff sees something that is too vulgar you have to cover it up or be sent home. The Staff is very hands on with the students. Over half the Staff have more responsibility than just what they need to do. for example: the counselor is also a small group teacher.
The school is equipped with heavy steel doors. The end hall ways are made to hold all the kids in case of a weather disaster. The building is very secure and i am happy to know that they built the school just to be safe!
The school is set up very well for all kinds of disasters. All personnel of the school have to wear their IDs and the nurse is always stocked with what she needs. Bully is the biggest problem but everything is taking care of and under control. I'm glad to know that the staff cares about their students the way that they do.
The principal always lee everyone by name and was awesome at helping students succeed. The administration is very relaxed and know how to teach.
I love Poyen High! I really felt at home and that people cared about me at this school
There is mostly white students at Poyen. With a few African American or Hispanic cultures.
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