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Powhatan Junior High School Reviews

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Currently a senior in high school, my experience has been amazing. This school has seen me grow through my awkward teen phases. In all, this school is great and I recommend it.
The food looks expired, sometimes they don't even bother to change the milk cartons after they expire! The hotdogs are grey, and the mashed potatoes are scalding hot! You can find hair in your (burnt) pizza and corn. Fruit and veggies are only available in store bought cups.
The buses are horrible, measures are not taken to keep students safe.
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The teachers do not notice the students that need help, mentally or physically. If you don't understand a lesson, then you better skip lunch, talk to a teacher and pray that they care.
I wouldn't choose this school again, because like some schools: color matters, a lot.
PJHS isn't exactly the best school. It all depends on who you are. Bullying is not acknowledged, security is non- existent, and the gymnasium has mold on the ceilings with "insulation" that is constantly falling from the ceiling. The teachers are rude, and racist. If you report bullying, no measures are taken. Although people may say otherwise drug dealing takes place almost everyday and is rarely caught.
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