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Powhatan High School, is quite good for its circumstance and location in the heart of the rural suburbs of Powhatan County. To that end, the school is very closely tied with the community and the environment is very warm. However, it lacks the appropriate funding and seriousness to compete with many other Virginia schools academically. The academics at Powhatan tend to appear passable in statistical analyses, when the data is only compared with past performance at Powhatan. However, it becomes soon apparent when competing in interregional academic competitions, for example, that Powhatan has some severe deficits in these departments.
i love Powhatan high school. this school has so many opportunities to offer you in all different courses.
I really like the school traditions here. Every teacher is proud to teach here and all the students are proud to be an Indian. This is very evident at pep rallies and especially football games. Every single student is clad from head to toe in black in orange. I love how compassionate all the students are as well as the teachers. My sister lost her battle with cancer when I was a freshman and the response from all my classmates and teachers was incredible. They were all so supportive and wanted to help not just me but my parents too. I believe this is a result of the values Powhatan High School has instilled in all of the students who pass through their doors.
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I was in the JROTC and it was amazing. The Instructors help students succeed and teach kids how to be a productive member of society. The Teachers all care about there students and want to see them grow. The facilities are very nice and offer students great opportunities. They offer so many different electives that it is hard not to find something that interests you. The Administration are all very friendly and make the school feel very inviting.
I have recently graduated and I think that PHS is a good school. However there are some gaps in where priorities are.
It’s a very good school. But there isn’t a lot of diversity and it’s such a small town no one has an open mind. no one wants things to change. other than that it has good teachers and just great overall.
The environment is very easy going and the teachers are all very kind and want their students to succeed. I do think, however, that the school should create a few more school related opportunities for students to participate in.
I love the staff and their commitment to the students. They do their absolute best to help everyone succeed!
I would like to see more emphasis given to the STEM fields. There is always recognition for the athletes, but it rarely mentioned when the one of the STEM organizations does something, or participates in competition. It would also be nice if more AP classes could be offer to the students, to better prepare them for college.
I loved the amount of spirit and community Powhatan high school gave. the students where always ready for a new challenge. the teachers where accepting and always willing to stay after and help students one on one. maintenance wise the school is in great condition! I would however like to see better options for school lunches, but other then that its a great school.
Some aspects of Powhatan High School were amazing. There was constantly a underlying theme of school spirit, and the pep rally showed this. With a variety of clubs, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities at the school, there was something for every single kid to find a place they belonged.

The administration worked hard and cared about both the well being and education of every student, and I would feel comfortable with my children attending this High School, if it was ran similar to how it was when I attended(I graduated in 2017).
I was homeschooled for eight years and then transferred into Powhatan High School. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and I felt comfortable immediately. If I could change one thing, it would be to add more athletic fields so that all sports could practice at the high school.
The school has very nice facilities but lacks disciplinary actions. The administration doesn't help students with their problems much and choose favorites.
My time spent at Powhatan High School are some of the best years of my life so far. Most of my teachers have been supportive, kind, and always willing to help. The staff and counselors want everyone to succeed in all they do at school. I have even had teachers here offer to help me in other subjects that I'm struggling in, differing from the subject they teach. Besides the amazing staff, the building itself is beautiful and I am proud to show it off. The commons is open and has one wall of glass windows, making it open and welcoming. Our auditorium is one of the biggest in the state, allowing us to hold events such as the Richmond Symphony playing at our school. The experiences I have had here have helped me and my friends to grow and improves ourselves everyday.
As a parent of three very different children that have either graduated from Powhatan High School or who are currently attending, I have had nothing but good things to say about the school, and the teachers at PHS. My oldest child had behavior problems and was considered an 'at risk' child, and the administration and teachers worked very hard with him and my husband and myself to ensure that as a team we did all we could do to ensure he got his proper education and that he graduated, and he did! They were very understanding and compassionate with me, helping me in any way that they could. Currently I have two other children attending the high school and they are very involved, both have great grades, and have nothing but good things to say about the teachers and the activities related with the school.
The facility is gorgeous and usually quite clean, the staff is great and incredibly talented overall, the food is fantastic, and the arts are given just as much priority as sports are! However, most clubs need a serious overhaul in the leadership department. Functions are hectic, petty drama is common, and a lack of respect and understanding is an issue on both sides. Also, the school has no (working) hand dryers or paper towels so be prepared to walk around with wet hands or a wet shirt.
Powhatan High School is one big family. Since there is only one high school in our county, we have all grown up together. The administration is supportive and the opportunities are endless. I love the people and the fun that I am able to have in my learning environment.
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Powhatan High School has treated me well. Everyone is willing to lend a hand to those who may be struggling with problems in and out of school. The faculty is very professional as well as connective with the students. Although I was not actively involved with many clubs, the ones that are offered at Powhatan High School develop character within the students with participation in community activities. Many students will be entering some sort of education after high school. As for me, the advanced placement classes I've taken at Powhatan High School I believe have really prepared me for what the college courses I shall be taking in the near future. Overall, Powhatan High School is a great facility for students to be enrolled in.
Powhatan High School served as the place where I could grow and learn. All of my teachers were inspiring and enabled me to follow my passions. My first year of high school was the first year with the new high school band director. Even though I never had the old teacher, this new one just had a good feeling about him. Since he has been our director, Powhatan High School has become a Virginia Honor Band and a Blue Ribbon School for Music. Even though Powhatan County is a small and rural, this community supports everything the high school does from marching band to football.
I graduated in 2015. Not once did I ever have an issue with any of my teachers, all of them were kind, charismatic, and very knowledgeable. The staff at Powhatan High School was phenominal.

I sometimes felt, however, that students did not respect some of the teachers. During my time at this school I felt that it would have created a better learning environment if more strict rules were set in place to ensure student-teacher respect. This was only an issue in a couple of my classes, but the majority of them had no problems.
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