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I think for the size of school it is very good overrall. We do have to join other schools though for certain sports because my school didn't offer them.
Local colleges would come with information and our counselor helped us so much to be prepared.
Our health policies were good and everyone felt safe at my school.
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The students at my school were amazing and were there for you no matter what. Most had been the for over 15 years and were like family.
there were a lot of clubs and amused many students.
Almost everyone at my school did sports and most were also attending music clubs or classes. There weren't alot of people there so the peer pressure wasn't intense. When we'd get a foreign student we accepted them no matter where they were from.
We only had a meal to eat not choices like a buffet. There was a salad bar but the food was good. Except if someone didn't like the meal they had little food to eat.
the staff was always there when you needed them. They would help with questions, counseling and college info. There were always numerous assemblies on bullying and harrasment and also school rules we needed to follow.
I do feel prepared for the real world and the school provided choices we could make between college, work force, or the military.
The core classes were available but we didn't have AP classes at my school. There were challenged upper division courses such as advanced bio, chemistry, advanced math, and physics. We a variety of electives for many different kinds of students to attend for their likings.
My school was very small with teachers that always helped you when you needed it. The grading system was challenging which will be helpful for college. Sports programs were fun because almost everyone in the school participated.
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