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Power Center Academy Middle School Reviews

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My experience at Power Center Academy Middle School was an excellent and mind opening experience for the challenges of high school. this school has really made to where I am today. Even though, there were a few problems with the building and getting a plethora of clubs and activities. Overall, Power Center Academy Middle School was one of the best middle school's I have ever studied at.
The academics offered are not the best. However, they are not the worst. They the same just as any other school.
Our safety policies are also bad. We have portables, and most of the time you can walk in and out. The person who allows people in and out of the main building does not really check to see who it is walking in. The portables do have locks, but they are not locked most of the time.
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The school's extracurricular activities are also bad because they make the activities by just throwing random activities in that does not require the school to pay that much for, and the students do not get a say in what extracurricular activity they should have.
My overall experience at this school is horrible. I have been at this school for three years now. Hoping that it will get better, but it has not. The teachers have a bad problem with favoritism. Always giving special privileges to their favorite students.
1st Problem

The teachers at PCA show favoritism.
I stated it in my College Survey.
Since Mr. Ryan and his staff left this school has been chaotic. The staff now is very petty and I guess you could say they all feel as though they have a point to prove. They act like they need some sort of validation of their position. Dont get me wrong its not all of them but it is a vast majority of the "Newbies". I used to think PCA was the best place between here and Jerusalem(figuratively speaking) but now this place is as annoying as the lines in Wal-Mart on Black Friday.?? I have yet to understand why they have the Dean(a man?) coaching(a girls team), teaching, and gossipping...everything but mentoring and being supportive of scholars. I will be so glad when mine graduates. However, there is some good in the school and some of the just have to find it and them. Oh, I know, they are in an ideal location with a clear vision and a mission that them themselves are lost in.

I just wish the staff hadnt changed ????????
To be honest, its not anywhere near the worst nor best. I have had a lot of both good and bad experiences with this school. One good experience was the 9th grade homecoming dance. I had so much fun with my closest friends just dancing and acting silly. Another great experience was winning a trophy as best speaker on my schools debate team. This school is unique in a way that they try to give you the opportunities that they believe you may need for yourself. If I had the chance to go back and stay or choose another school, I don't know what I'd choose because if it wasn't for this school, I wouldnt have met half the people I know now, but I also wouldn't have dealt with as many struggles and would be more prepared from a school whoss view wasnt so limited in what they thought.
When it comes to bullying inside or outside of school usually the school jumps on it quickly. My school is also known for suspending quickly so that keeps most of us from making dumb choices so safety is nice.
Overall, my peers are great at help each other, and we have a defined culture of a sense of community. I have not seen discrimination among my peers towards another race or culture. For this school to me prominently black, students here have a positive attitude towards each other and learning.
PCA offers a number of clubs, such as soccer, rugby, basketball, FBLA, Beta, etc. However, the organizations often times lack funds, and sports teams have coaches that are teachers, creating more work for teachers.
This school is a college prep school. It offers a lot of advance courses and ACT prep courses to get us ready and prepared for college.
I first joined PCA as a 10th grader and it was the highest grade and new to high school. The work can be overwhelming at times but I have managed to keep my grades up. My favorite experiences is ART and basketball. I love this school because everybody loves me from my first day attending.
Culture and diversity hasn't been an issue for students
We have some sports available for scholars
Administration is very involved in polices
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We have rugby, cross country, soccer, cheerleading, dance, basketball, bowling, and softball
The school nurse doesn't always be there, but she make sure when she come, she solve the problem. Bullying is not a huge worry here. However, if this situation develops, there are some harsh actions that will be place. We now have polices at our school just to make sure that things don't occur. I think that this school is very safe. It could be a little better, but it is better than any other school that I know.
The social scene is very persistent. Here, we are granted opportunities to talk. However, the student involvement is good, but could be better. Everyone is not very supportive of what we do. The racial diversity fits in well with other races, however, there are not many different races there.
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