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Power Center Academy High School Reviews

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I like the school because of the teachers and the way we learn; however, I would change our location because of the neighborhood and the relatively small school building.
As a student at Power Center Academy High School I love it. The academics are great and the teachers are the best.The school culture is based off of zeal, achievement, humility, innovation, and community.Out of all my 4 years of attending PCAHS I just love it there is a family relationship and everyone is always ready to pitch in and help in some way they can .The principal handles his business and makes sure everyone is on their P’s and Q’s.
It’s a giod school, kinda strict but professional and you learn alot at a fast pace, the only thing that’s lacking is the kindergarten behavior they put the students at. They treat the upperclassmen as babies and make everything a competition between grade levels. They do reward the grade levels for their corporations in making the school better. They are upgrading the school which is also a good thing and they keep all activities open and nice and long.
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My experience here at Power Center Academy has been average overall. I must say I have meet some nice scholars along the way along with good challenging teachers that kept me afloat and guiding me for a successful year and aim towards college readiness. The one thing I would like to see change is less fighting and more scholars getting along life is too short for foolishness everyone should get along and have good memorable times while in school and cherish everyday like it's your last. This is my last year and I am so proud that I have blossomed and grew over the years and I am taking what I have gained and learned out there into the real world to achieve my goals for a bright future ahead that awaits me.
Power Center Academy is overall a great school aside from the scholars behaviors. I would say that when they manage to get the behavior under control it will be a spectacular school.
I like the fact that they provide the best teachers to the scholars in order for us to get the best education. I like that we are encouraged and motivated to be the best individuals we can be in life. There is not anything that I would advise to be changed about Power Center Academy High School, they are the best.
I am only a freshman at this school , but so far and as of now, my opinion is always voiced to everyone and everyone at the school has equal opportunities for everything. The faculty does their job and the school is great overall.
I love the simple fact that Power Center Academy is a small school, however, I dislike the fact that the school offers very limited extracurricular activities and clubs. The scenery and placement of the school is not pleasant to the eyes either. I want to the school expand and develop a foundation that is consistent to the students' learning. My eleventh grade year by far is the worst, simply because we had a few teachers quit. This hurt my learning and scores severely but I managed to still get the information I need after school.
My experience at Power Center Academy High has been a great learning experience to see what college would be like, and how I am able to manage the structure of college.
Sometimes its very fun but then I realize I won't experience a real high school. The education is good, when they are actual teachers there. They fire all the good teachers and don't get new ones until when school is almost over. The food is delicious sometimes. The principal is amazing, Mr. Ryan. On the other hand the other admiration is horrible. With their rude altitudes and vibes, It brings the students down.
I love how teachers encourage the scholars to succeed and everything they do . However i would like to see the culture back how it was , so far we’re on the right track .
I'd like to see our administration change. I'd like the administration to listen to the students more.
Power Center Academy is afraid of change. This year, the school has went completely down hill. The school space is so small to were, we can't do extra activities.
My experience at Power Center Academy has been a love- hate relationship. I have attended Power Center Academy since 8th grade and the environment of the school has went down into shambles. Students are unmotivated to do their work and as a result there are distractions in class from those who choose to disrupt the class because they do not want to learn. Since my transition to high school, I feel as though this school does not offer me the resources to reach my full potential. We school offers chemistry and physics classes; however, we have no access to a lab. So this does not give the students the opportunity to receive a hands on experience. I often worry about my future and college life, as I may have difficulty adjusting to the major change form high school to college. I wonder if I am prepared enough.
I would change the school culture which includes the resources and parent involvement.
I like how the teachers were determined to teach curriculum efficiently and correctly. However, administration and board seemed to care more about the money.
I have attended PCAHS since the 9th grade. It took me a moment to acquire the skills that were needed to excel in this school. I did it! I did it with the help of a wonderful Teachers and a Resource Department. They insured that I had the tools and atmosphere that I need to learn and grow. Today I am a Senior Classman and looking forward to a bright future in college. Because of this school I have a truly firm foundation to begin college. THANK YOU PCAHS!
Power Center Academy has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is a facility that pushes scholars to a limit where they will succeed. Although it is a very small school, it is known for it large amount of scholarship money received .
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I most of the times like the type of community we have like when you look around there might be disagreements but we are quick to come together whether it is good times or bad times. Also, if you go to the teacher they will try their best to help your grade out if they are generous.
Power center academy is a nice stable environment but we can use more freedom. Power Center can give their kids more access to personal belongings such as phones and headphones. Power Center can also let their kids express themselves by wearing regular clothes on a daily basis. I feel as if wearing uniform puts you to a stop of expressing your true self.
I like that they provide opportunities that other schools do not to further my education. I would like to change that they deal with people who cause constantly cause disruptions to the class and school.
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