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Powell is a really good school. I moved here my junior year and made friends fairly quickly. The teachers are warm and welcoming and make an effort to make personal relationships with their students. There is a good variety of classes to take and you're also able to take classes on the local college campus. Which the school pays for. I enjoy this school more than my last.
The school is blessed with great vocational teachers in particular, the art program has had great opportunities and the agriculture and welding programs are very strong, which is shown FFA competitions as well.
I went to school there in the late 80's. It was an older building but well lit. The teachers were usually good, there were a few personalities I didn't mix with and didn't like. School meals were good and the cafeteria was clean. The gymnasium was well equipped with sport s equipment and the band room was appropriate. There is a new school now, and I have no idea how effective or appropriate it is, but things change over time, as they should.
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PHS is a good school if you play football and Christian. Football is the only thing in the school that gets sufficient funding even though our drama club has won first place for years. They get a new uniform every year while swimmers wear old swimsuits and our theatre department uses 30 year old costumes. The school also is very prejudice against anyone who isn't Christian by always having a group prayer at graduation and Veterans day. We only have one African American student out of hundreds of white and/or Latino students. Our lunch is, well, not the best. Bouncy, stale meatballs in a hot dog bun is considered a meatball sub, and the muffins are either undercooked, overly greasy, or has poppy seeds in a chocolate muffin. However, there are good things. Though the theatre department doesn't get recognition or funding, the coach makes the best of it. Not to mention, while in high school, we have the opportunity to take classes for college credit for free.
I transferred to Powell High School my sophomore year, and never regretted it. Powell offers quality education, great teachers, and a fun environment. Powell lets its high school students take classes at Northwest College for dual credit; which helps students decide on what they may want to do later on. I have taken several classes from NWC, and will be enrolling there in the fall. Thanks to Powell High School I have decided on a major, and have become well acquainted with many professors there. Powell prepares its kids for the future, not just for the next homework assignment.
Powell High School is a wonderful school that offers so much to the students. I believe that I have learned so much from my school, and I feel that I've gotten a quality education. There are many opportunities to do great at Powell High School!
What I liked about Powell High School is how dedicated the teachers. Every teacher I had during my four years realized their impact was bigger than just being a teacher to us but also a friend to relate to.
I have loved being a part of Powell High School. It is a smaller school so the teachers have time to help and support us in both school and in life in general. Many of my teachers are the people I go to when I am struggling because of the trust that we have built. The counseling office is awesome! If they don't have an answer to a question, they know where to get answers and are always willing to do so. Mrs. Thiel so caring and is always there to help regardless of her already overwhelming schedule. I would highly recommend Powell High School to anyone because of the staff. They all work together so well to make the school as amazing as it is. Not every high school has a principle that stands in the commons and greets the students every morning and wishes them off everyday after school.
So many options for students.
I'm unaware of most students homelifes
The most hands on teaching experience I've ever had.
While attending this school, It is easy to get pointed in the right direction for life as long as you do not get pulled down by the few students with negative behaviors.
I believe that there should be more clubs for sports out of season.
I felt like I was prepared to take on college and work.
There are a few things I'd like to change about this school, but overall it's a really nice school to go to and grow up in.
I really don't have anything bad to say about the food at the school. Our ladies do a really good job of giving us great food with decent portions.
My sophomore year, a new Principle came to town, and with him came a great lack of dress codes. This was such a great thing for the school, because it meant the administration made a clear decision to value girl's education as much as boys by not sending them home for what they're wearing. Of course, we could get in trouble for other things, like knives, drugs, or hats within the building. That being said, I'd like to point out that the attendance policy is whack. I've gotten one truancy in my entire high school career, because I went home when my mother said I could. I followed all of the attendance procedures, signing out and letting the office know where I was going. They gave me a truancy because my mother didn't call to excuse me. I find this completely ridiculous. I'm not saying that we should be allowed to just leave whenever we want, but as a senior I feel it necessary to allow for trust.
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If you were to walk into Powell High School and you didn't know about the four-time state champion wrestling team, or the three-time state champion football team, most of us would be surprised. Our sports teams are so praised, and they deserve every ounce of it. The athletes in our school work so incredibly hard, I'm not sure why we don't have more state championships.
The teachers employed at Powell High School are fantastic, and are always willing to help. Not only do they help with their students with academics, if someone is struggling with a mental illness it can be sure that person will be directed towards help. That's not to say there aren't bad teachers within the school, just that most tend to be exactly what's needed in a high school full of changing kids.
Powell High School tends to lean towards the sports of the school rather and the fine arts. As a participant of Speech and Debate for 3 of the 4 years I've attended, I rarely saw the Activities Director (who also happened to be our Vice Principle). We have a variety of activities to choose from, but those that don't involve rigorous exercise tend to get ignored by the administration.
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