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It’s a place to get an education. That’s about it. It’s not a supporting or encouraging environment. You kinda show up and leave. You make a few friends and they stay with you through it all.
Powell is a school of roughly 1500 students. Located in Knoxville, TN, it has a strong sense of community and loyalty that is unmatched. Its educators care about the students, and a change in administration has done wonders for attendance and participation.
Powell High School has given me more opportunities than I thought possible to prepare me for my future. Not only did I receive two free ACT tests, we were also given an ACT prep book free of charge. They offered many AP classes that challenged me daily, and all the teachers I have had at Powell have the students' best interest at heart. However, the administration did not respond to certain situations in completely profession ways, and they were sometimes found to contradict themselves. They have been very strict on tardies and absences which is to help us prepare for our future jobs. Overall, my experience at Powell High School was pleasant due to the attentive teachers, college preparation, and challenging courses.
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Powell has great music and sports teams and instructors/coaches. It is a very safe school and it is also quite prepared should any incident occurred. Most of the teachers are very dedicated to bettering their students.
The highschool has excellent teachers. I feel like there should be better policies about being Tardy or Early Dismissal in the afternoons.
Powell High School is a great school overall. However, there are small things that could be changed for the better. A handful of the teachers can be careless towards their actions and this may cause all teachers to have a bad reputation. Despite small matters like that, Powell's academics are outstanding.
Attending Powell High School was a great and challenging experience. I attended for all four years of high school and each year was even better than the last. I would highly recommend Powell High School to anyone in East Tennessee who is looking for a superior education and a wonderful high school experience.
I attended Powell High School for all four years and I loved it. I made so many long lasting friendships with peers as well as teachers. The community overall feels like a family.
I had a rough time in high school. When I would have trouble with schoolwork it was like certain teachers didn't care if you understood or not. I had issues with a teacher saying I had a D. I went to see the Vice Principle about it and she "Looked in to it" and said nope sorry she is right. Well, after getting some help I went back to her 3 more times and come to find out I had a high B the whole time. They seem to brush students off and assume that they are not telling the truth. However, there are a couple of teachers who are amazing and those teachers made me enjoy class and learning.
Powell High is a good school! The teachers are very caring and involved. The school is constantly working on getting all the students to get involved and to feel involved. The Powell community has been through a lot over the past year with a couple of former students passing away in tragic ways. The administration has tried its best to kept the student, faculty and the community's spirits up.
What I liked about Powell High School is how the staff tries to include all of the students to make everyone feel as though they are included. Powell is good about enforcing bullying policies which I have seen be put in place although there could be more awareness about this issue mainly cyber bullying.
The school isn't great. The educational content is below par, the majority of teachers only do the bare minimum, and the principal has ridiculous rules and policies. It is, however, one of the best schools in the Knoxville-Powell-Halls area, which makes it both unfortunate and encouraging to go there. A very few teachers do go above and beyond: they do their jobs, they involve their students, they make the learning appealing and interesting. Those few teachers make the high school experience here bearable. We also have the Pipeline tutoring program and several clubs that many different people with many different interests may enjoy. Overall, it's not the best, but it's also not the worst.
Powell High School has a great administration who cares for you and wants the best for you! There are great people and teachers who provide you with one on one relationships and advice.
Powell high school is a decent school but it's not terrible. I enjoyed going there during my high school years. I love the whole idea that students are allowed to graduate early. The teachers are friendly and want to help their students succeed and have outstanding grades. The administration and principal were too strict and restricted a lot of individuality amoung the students. The principal also had strict dress codes that were biased amoung the students, and he picked favorites. The academics at the school were also decent, they were either extremely difficult to understand or extremely easy and taught nothing. The college readiness was ok it was difficult to meet with a guidance counselor to talk about college. I would not go back to Powell high school mainly because I graduated early with nearly perfect grades. But I would encourage people to go to Powell simply because it is a great school and they want their students to succeed.
powell high is a great place to spend your 4 years of high school! the teachers, administration, and the atmosphere of the school is totally centered on the success of the student & their high school experience.
If you dont do drugs, smoke, have sex, or drink, you get bullied.
Its not horrible except when they ignore the smell of someone smoking in the bathroom
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they dont have much funding. When a extracurricular activity does something to raise money, they have to give half to the football team.
Most parents do not even care if their child shows up.
Some teachers are amazing. Most are not. I was even discriminated for having an anxiety disorder by a teacher and lost an internship.
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