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Powell County High School Reviews

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Powell county high school is a very unperfessional school that needs updating. Classes and curriculum are in good standards but the staff could be better
Powell County High School was my second home for four years of my life. What I would like to change about it is the way the students look at their education.
They try to take many measures to ensure the safety of everyone.
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There is several sports and other clubs to get involved with.
I had such a good experience at this high school. It's a very friendly environment.
The teachers are very personable and friendly. They go above and beyond to help students.
I would choose to this schools again. because, all of the staff members at the school cares for their students
All of the teachers in the Powell County High School use at least two of the three teaching styles. Most of my teachers lean towards visual and hands-on teaching. The only teachers who prefer oral over hands on are the English, Spanish, and math teachers. Even though most teachers have their two favorite ways of teaching, they are very understanding when a student tells them that they don't understand the way that they are teaching. Our teachers like to go above and beyond what they have to do in order for their students to understand and pass all lessons.
Most teachers at Powell County High School are great educators, if you show concern with a subject or a grade they will most likely help you, unless you're in AP U.S. History.
Our school is great when it comes to safety. They take it very seriously.
Sports is a pretty big thing here, but clubs really aren't.
There are some parents that are very involved, some that are somewhat involved, and some that are not involved at all.
My school is definitely not the best there is, but it also is not the worst. I like that it is so small, because bad behavior, like bullying, is less likely.
There are a lot of opportunities for clubs and groups. There aren't many problems with Bullying. they have a lot of college programs, and the teachers are good at teaching.
The school has the "major" sports football, basketball, and baseball/softball. All of these are well sponsored and have access to anything they may need. However, they do not have things like soccer or lacrosse and simply refuse to even try them, like most of the surrounding schools.

The fitness program, or gym class, is intense and we visit the weight room and track often, the weight room is well stocked and keeper to high standards.
Our teachers try but most clubs tend to lack enthusiasm and don't meet expectations. There are no real extracurricular clubs that you can get into, like beta or the Talented and Gifted, if you move to the school since they take the tests for them around third grade.
The punishments are never reinforced and the teachers couldn't care less.
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Athletics are ok but I wish we would focus on more important things like reading and math.
It could be worst but at least the teachers show up for work.
The teachers don't care if you are in extracurricular activities or not, our school is run like a business.
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