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My overall experience of high school so far has been very good, as much as I'm looking forward to leaving. I've had some amazing teachers, but there have been many actions and policies of the school that I do not agree with. I have been treated very well by this small school but I know that many others haven't.
My experience at Powell County High School was not very good. In my freshman year of high school there were a total of 17 drop-outs from our school. I feel that this happened because of the fact that many faculty members at this school are corrupt. Here are two prime examples: An English teacher, from my freshman year that was part of the teaching staff, embezzled over $30,000 from school funds and taxes. She has since then been fired. Another example would be that the student secretary got caught sending pornographic images to more than one student. This person still works at the school. One thing I would love to see change about this school is the amount of respect the teachers have for the students. These teachers need to believe and encourage their students to achieve more.
I started to attend Powell County High School in the beginning of my Junior year. They were so accepting of me and were super helpful in getting me started. Fun part was, my first week was spirit week!
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Terrible. The teachers are the worst, don't care about the kids, only care about themselves. They don't get paid enough and really hate their job and life, they all seem miserable.
Powell County is a very small school and mostly everyone at this school gets along. We don't have a lot of bullying, but when we do there always someone doing something about it. I liked how they tired to get people involved with as many activities as they could. I don't like that we don't have anywhere to eat and we don't have a good amount of time to eat the lunch we did get.
This past year my school has upgraded the cameras throughout the school. It feels safer yet I feel like my privacy is getting ruined.the school nurse is our secretary.
My school offers many sports teams, cheer/dance, academic Olympics, mathletes, ffa, fccal, national honors society, and let club. All these clubs are for leadership purposes mainly. Some help with communication skills and some even help with marketing. I am active in ffa, sports, academic Olympics, and mathletes. They usually only meet during school hours but sometimes they take it after school to help those involved understand.
This school has been a stepping stone in my life. I left a high school my freshman year and came to this PCHS my sophomore year knowing only a few seniors who where in my 4-h club. This year I am graduating with so many bonds between the student body and some of the parents and teachers. My favorite experience has to when I was on the field for football manager and we played another team in the area and the game went for close to 3 1/2 hours. It was raining and cold but the crowd stayed thier to support the team. As a manager I was unable to leave but if I wasn't I probably would have left due to weather conditions. The community really does support the school and I love that fact. This school does have its ups and downs but the relationships I have built here are worth the uos and downs the school offers. I wouldn't want to go to any other school.
At my high school the teachers are overall not too bad, they do try to make time but I am never able to get the one on one time with my teachers. In previous years I feel as though they helped us out a lot more than this previous year. They teach us the new curriculum that is to be taught so we are up to date. Most teachers are interested in our home lives and like to listen to what we did over the weekend unlike some. A few of my teachers this year are very open, they will tell you and the class if you are missing an assignment, its embarrassing at times. Most of the time thier grading is by the book but if all students in the class fail the text moat will grade on a curve.
A very small and low income community limit the opportunities, but the extracurriculars that exist are good quality.
Most of the teachers are well liked by students and teach in a way that is understandable by a majority of the students.
My child's school health and safety are currently sufficient, but it doesn't go any further than that. Her school is lacking enough funding to make the school facility an enjoyable work space for learning. The school does not put out enough group student activities to engage the student body, teachers turn their backs to the negative comments exchanged between students and most stall doors in bathrooms don't even have locks. The school may not stand out as an immediate safety risk, but there are most definitely areas that could greatly improve.
The teachers are dedicated and work hard to help students and engage them in learning.

There seems to be a lack of commitment to excellence on the part of many students, but I believe that to be a result of the community culture, not the efforts of the teachers.
We don't have a nurse and many kids do drugs.
Other kids seem to like it.
Kids don't care about the punishment.
Most facilities could use an update.
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There is a lot they could improve on
There are many opportunities and varying groups.
There is rarely an issue with either drugs or alcohol on the school campus. Bullying really only occurs because the hate between the two and one is just trying to start a fight with the other. We don't really feel insecure about anything serious happening in our community for it being so small. I guess you could say it's like a daycare throughout the day while our parents are at work.
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