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I was a middle school student there and my three years there was good. The teachers was good. It was a teacher here and there that was not the best.
The school is awesome because everyone is so involved. Our student sections at the sports games are big and exciting. The school also has amazing teachers that provide you with an excellent education.
This school provided me with a strong basis for my academic and extracurricular experiences as a growing student. It taught me efficient and practical learning skills and gave me the tools necessary to succeed as a learning individual. It was very friendly and there were never any behavioral issues. On the rare occasions there was an issue, the administration dealt with it promptly and with the best actions necessary for the situations. As of the learning environment, it was an older school, but it was still very strong and well kept, with most everything in working order. The teachers were experienced and were very approachable for students of all ages. They worked well to promote good habits and encouraged the strong support that parents already provided their children. So overall, this school is one of the finest I have witnesses with its lack of violence and strong support system of staff and community. I am proud to have been a Powdersville Patriot.
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I never ate the school lunch, but my friends always seemed to enjoy it.
The teachers at Powdersville Middle School were always very welcoming and taught the lesson very well and made sure that the students interacted as much as possible.
Powdersville Middle School was one of the top schools for the highest test scores in district. Over half of the students were involved in Beta Club and had very well grades.
Powdersville Middle School felt like such a safe place that we hardly practiced intruder alerts, but there was a sign in sheet for all visitors that entered the building.
The parents at Powdersville Middle School attended most of the sporting events, meetings, and award ceremonies possible and interacted with other parents and student in a positive way.
The coaches and athletes at Powdersville High School got along very well and the student body participated in almost every sporting event that the school held.
The school administration was very serious about punishment and did not take anything lightly. If a student mis behaved during class or disrespected anyone, they would be sent to the office and receive a warning. After that, the administrators would keep up with the student and make sure that they improve.
After School programs at Powdersville Middle School were the best you could ask for in a Middle School. We were all very young, but most of the school knew what responsibility was because of the after school programs. This school had activities such as Student Government, Beta Club, Chorus, Relay for life Cadets, Honor classes, Band, Strings, and sports. I was involved in soccer, Student Government, Beta Club, chorus, Honor classes, and I was a Relay for Life cadet. These activities were always well organized and helped me become more involved with my school and community and helped me learn responsibility at a young age.
No matter where you go, there is always going to be some kind of social groups. People tend to have common interest, so they will tend to stay together. At Powdersville Middle School, there were groups, but they would interact with other groups. From my point of view, the groups were not "cliquey" at all, but I talked to almost everyone. This Middle School was very diverse, yet everyone interacted and got along very well.
Powdersville Middle School was the best middle school environment possible for a sixth, seventh, or eight grader. Every morning that I walked in, I felt like I was walking into my second home. The first class everyone had in the morning was Early Act First Knight. This class promoted good character and awarded students every month for displaying qualities of excellence; this class is what made Powdersville Middle School stand out. The Early Act First Knight class not only led to good character, it was a great way to start off the morning and allowed all of the students to communicate well throughout the day. Middle school can be the toughest three years for a student, but Powdersville Middle School made it the best three years for me.
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