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Powdersville High School was an amazing learning environment that was equipped with amazing teachers and staff that cared about their students.
My time at Powdersville High School has been an amazing experience for me academically and personally as well. At Powdersville I was able to establish myself as a competitive student for the first time when I was surrounded by incredible academically driven peers and staff of equally supportive teachers. The challenging curriculum I faced in each classroom pushed me to give 100% effort in order to get the grades I knew I was capable of, and the reward, in the end, was that much more gratifying. The support I was given from my teachers really helped me to push myself, whether it was them inviting me to stay after for extra help during lunches or beyond school hours, or giving me extra homework sheets or practice quizzes to ensure the highest grade possible on all of my assignments.
There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities offered at Powdersville High as well that help students to reach out to fellow peers and establish themselves as individuals among the student body.
Powdersville High School is an incredible place to learn. From interactive language classes to arts and music, the teachers are able to engage the students. The school is always clean. Security is a huge priority, and the student council is very involved. It’s very often to come in on a Monday morning to music and candy as other students encourage you from student council or different clubs. However, the classes are not always easy. The teacher’s care for the students with tough love, always pushing them to be better. Behind every teacher is a passion, and it’s so obvious. It’s exciting to have the chance to learn at Powdersville.
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I have nothing more to say. If you would like to know more about Powdersville High School, feel free to go there.
The people and staff at Powdersville High are amazing. They come to school every day looking to educate every student. They want what is best for the student no matter what their condition is.
Powdersville is a great school and I really enjoyed going there. They have lots of opportunities for students to get involved with the school and participate in clubs, sports, and the community. The teachers are all really nice too.
I liked my teachers and the career center that I attended. I enjoyed the size of my classes since they weren't that big and I enjoyed my teachers since they all were kind and helpful.
Its means things I really liked about Powdersville, and it's only a few things I didn't like. The things I did like were that the teachers and administrators would make sure we keep our grades up so will would pass and graduate. They helped us stay on top of everything. The thing is didn't like was that our principal was really involved with the students like other school's principal be.
Powdersville High School is overall a great school and I'd recommend it to those who are trying to chose a high school to attend. Many students at the school are very invested in their education and the teachers respect and support their goals. Powdersville is continuing to expand the extracurricular activities that are available for students, but I still wish they had a wider variety of opportunities for students to be involved in the school.
Overall, it is a great school to attend. The teacher to student ratio was proportioned so the teachers really got to know each students personality, strengths and weakness. The one improvement that can be made is communication in a timely manner, especially in sports in order to get more parent involvement.
Powdersville High School is an amazing school. Not only is is well kept and new, but with the extreme growth of the surrouding town, Powdersville highsxhool is expected to only get bigger and better. With great student activities, successful sports teams and a state winning band, Powdersville Highschool is great.
Good environment. A little backwards. Some rednecks. Not very diverse. They let you wear hats though. Some kids can be racist. Most people are cool though.
I love attending Powdersville High School! There is honestly no better place to be. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are very intelligent. The students are great and it's a great community to live it. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!
A fairly new school, built about 7 years ago. A great school for a great community. There is tremendous pride there since the community is so close knit and many people had been wanting their own school. My personal experience was tremendous and I would not have wanted to attend any other high school.
At Powdersville HighSchool there are awesome teachers who really care about their students. It offers a safe and challenging learning environment.
It is a very welcoming high school and students are friendly. Faculty help students with after school tutoring and keeping assignments interesting.
PVHS has a lot to offer students academically. There are many sports and clubs. The staff strives to meet the academic and social needs of students. The community support is tremendous.
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What I love about this High School is that the teachers in this school are very friendly and helpful. I'm very satisfied with this High School
I am one of the first to graduate from Powdersville High School. As far as a new school goes this one is great. The staff and teachers are friendly and easy to work with, and every seems to really care if students pass. This school is had a medium sized population allowing for more one-on-one time as well, which can really help many students. I loved Powdersville and if I ever have kids and still live in the area I'd be proud to send them here.
They are very well respected, and awesome teachers and programs. They have great food and great memebers. Awesome safety techniques and great resource officers. Wished they would use I.D cards.
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