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Powder River County District High School Reviews

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Teachers here really like to watch you succeed and are very supporting. They care about your grades and are always willing to stay after school or help you at lunch.
We have security cameras and sometimes have a drug dog come in but other than that anyone can walk into the school.
We don't really have many extracurriculars besides sports and music. We have FFA as well but I was never involved in it. Not a lot of kids are. Sports are definitely every kids main commitment over everything else.
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Sometimes it seems like they care more about the athletics then the education.
There are some teachers at this school that the school has hired who aren't very good teachers or have almost no teaching experience but most of them are very knowledgable and helpful.
Not the best, but it's alright
We don't need that much security really
Not a lot of options, but there's stuff to do
Most of the teachers are great.
This school is small, but it makes up for it in many ways.
Honestly I can say that I miss the food now that I am in college.
Guidance counselor scares most people...
Since the school is so small it requires most of the school to participate in at least one sport but typically people on average are a part of two sports teams.
There are some teachers that go above and beyond and then there are some teachers that just scare the hell out of the students.
Basically in our small town you either played sports, got a job, and/or worked on the ranch that your family owns.
I felt ready to take on the new challenges that college threw at me.
The school gets enough information to go out in the real world, but there a pros and cons.
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The teachers here aren't the greatest I suppose. They show a lot of favoritism which is really annoying. You can try really hard on a quiz and get pretty much the same answer on the quiz as the favorite kid and you still receive a lower grade.
We have FFA, SADD, BPA, Rodeo Club, Student Council, Drama Club, FCCLA. So there are a few but probably not as many as other schools.
Our school isn't very diverse in the area of foreign students and such. We have a few differing views on religion and politics I think
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