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Poway High School has given me a happy and healthy high school experience for the 4 years that I've spent there. I appreciate the effort that ASB and other clubs put forth to try and create a more accepting and welcoming campus. The new admin team is making tremendous strides into creating a safer and better informed school. Because the school is older than some of the others in the district and around San Diego County, some of the facilities are a little less pristine and advanced.
I loved the professors at Poway High School and there was an active campus life here. I felt safe attending school here.
Great teachers, generally smart students, supportive atmosphere, known for drugs but only prevelant if you seek it out, wealthy kids, great football, beautiful location, tons of high level classes
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Staff is great and the environment was diverse, I learned a lot here when I was a student at Poway High. Lots of good memories of my high school days.
Poway high school is a great place to enhance your academic career and make life long friendships. We are a very safe environment and the teachers here are some of the best in San Diego.
I liked the Atmosphere. Everyone is pretty kind and helpful, and there it's a very diverse school, making everyone feel welcome.
This School likes to pretend it's "Open to all", "diverse", and "all inclusive", but this is all a lie. The school is far from "accepting" but that has mostly to do with the student body. They made gender neutral bathrooms for the trans kids because they kept getting bullied just for trying to use the bathroom. The gender neutral bathrooms are completely useless though because they are always locked (this is because of people doing drugs and having sex in them). All of the trans girls (male to female) I knew have transferred out of the school because of how bad it is. Very little gay men are out because of the bullying they would face if they were. Drugs are also a huge problem. I would say (as a student) about 1/3 of each class vape in school. The drug culture has spread quickly throughout the campus. LISTEN PARENTS!! As a student of Poway high school, if your child has any disabilities or is lgbt they WILL get bullied. Do not send them if that is the case.
Poway was a very good school, but a bit too stressful when it came to college search. The teachers were mostly really good with a few that were really bad. Their were always activities going on the keep the students involved.
The majority of teachers at Poway High School are wonderful. The classrooms are kept in good shape, but occasionally the bathrooms need severe attention. There is a large variety of clubs offered, which helps students to get involved. Poway High takes pride in its student section at football games, and there is definitely outstanding school spirit.
i switched to poway high school my senior year (class of 2018) and other than the students not being as welcoming as i had hoped, poway high is a beautiful campus with friendly teachers and admin.
In a very highly ranked school district with a good surrounding community. Many of the teachers' main goals are to see their students succeed. I am currently an alumni of the school and all of my teachers throughout the four years really helped me reach the goal of going to my dream college.
Great teachers! Lots of opportunities for AP classes. I feel that this school district and school have prepared me well for college.
The staff is amazing. Most of them put forth their best effort to really help their student excel and be ready for college. The student body is also good. It’s a diverse school with no tolerance for any kind of discrimination. There is a good academic atmosphere with a wide variety of resources offered to the students.
Poway High School has so opportunities for its students to take advantage of. Academics are excellent, and most teachers are welcoming and engaged. The only thing that I would change about Poway High School is that it is full of cliques (students aren't very united). Also, there is not very much diversity at Poway High School. However, it is still an amazing high school that I am happy to attend.
Poway is really nice school. The facilities are clean and the teachers are amazing. The sports could be better, but that has more to do with the students than the school.
When I was a freshman, I knew hardly anyone at this school because I transferred from a different high school. I was nervous that I couldn't make friend groups easily, and that I would always feel like I'm sinking in my classes. However, Poway High is different, because they reached out to me and gave me more opportunities than I could ever imagine. I have made wonderful friends, and the teachers are all down to earth and ready to help us students. I'm so grateful that I go to Poway High School, I extremely recommend it!
Teachers were very well educated and wiling to help the students be successful. Coming into school as a freshman, the school held a very helpful orientation where you get to be familiarized with the campus and layout of how your days at school will look. I went through some hard life events during high school and the counseling system was very available and helpful. Poway High also has amazing sports organizations. I played our different sports throughout my years there and lettered in two.
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Poway High School is an extremely accepting environment with clubs, activities, and sports that anyone can AND SHOULD get involved in!
Poway High School offers a safe and friendly environment for students and staff alike. The teachers make a genuine effort to help their students and build a relationship with them.
I loved poway high school and the opportunities that have been brought to me through it. Although a lot of people who go or have gone to poway take it for granted and are unappreciative of the amount of resources and great education they are being given, it’s still an amazing school. Always having a positive attitude and outlook around other students boosts the environment. The teachers are great and the extracurricular activities are endless, take advantage of them!
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