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Poway High School has so opportunities for its students to take advantage of. Academics are excellent, and most teachers are welcoming and engaged. The only thing that I would change about Poway High School is that it is full of cliques (students aren't very united). Also, there is not very much diversity at Poway High School. However, it is still an amazing high school that I am happy to attend.
Poway is really nice school. The facilities are clean and the teachers are amazing. The sports could be better, but that has more to do with the students than the school.
When I was a freshman, I knew hardly anyone at this school because I transferred from a different high school. I was nervous that I couldn't make friend groups easily, and that I would always feel like I'm sinking in my classes. However, Poway High is different, because they reached out to me and gave me more opportunities than I could ever imagine. I have made wonderful friends, and the teachers are all down to earth and ready to help us students. I'm so grateful that I go to Poway High School, I extremely recommend it!
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Teachers were very well educated and wiling to help the students be successful. Coming into school as a freshman, the school held a very helpful orientation where you get to be familiarized with the campus and layout of how your days at school will look. I went through some hard life events during high school and the counseling system was very available and helpful. Poway High also has amazing sports organizations. I played our different sports throughout my years there and lettered in two.
Poway High School is an extremely accepting environment with clubs, activities, and sports that anyone can AND SHOULD get involved in!
Poway High School offers a safe and friendly environment for students and staff alike. The teachers make a genuine effort to help their students and build a relationship with them.
I loved poway high school and the opportunities that have been brought to me through it. Although a lot of people who go or have gone to poway take it for granted and are unappreciative of the amount of resources and great education they are being given, it’s still an amazing school. Always having a positive attitude and outlook around other students boosts the environment. The teachers are great and the extracurricular activities are endless, take advantage of them!
What I enjoy about this school is that the faculty and staff try to enforce acceptance and diversity of everyone despite their gender, race, beliefs, or religion. Unfortunately, when it comes to the student body itself many people don't respect others who unique and different and I look forward to see a future where students don't have to be ashamed of who they are.
At Poway High I have always felt motivated by both my peers ad my teachers. Even at times where I doubted my ability to perform, I was reassured through the guidance of my superiors. I can genuinely say I feel completely prepared to begin my college career.
Overall is wasn’t the best experience. A lot of the teachers just did not care or were plain rude. I was not prepared for college at all other than the AP classes. Many students were also rude as well.
I enjoyed Poway high because of the wonderful teachers and my fellow students. One thing I would change would be the strict bathroom policies that were put in place my senior year due to extreme vandalism in the boys bathrooms.
The vape culture on campus is huge, but the teachers are mostly awesome (with a few exceptions). The football team sucks, but games are fun and wresting is HUGE later in the year
I would like to see new teachers coming into the high school. There are a lot of teachers who have worked at poway high for YEARS but I want to see new, bright, and young teachers who have new teaching strategies up their sleeves.
In addition, my experience their was very eventful from freshmen year, and all the way up to my senior year. Teachers make sure our writing skills are college ready, and are involved with their students before, during, and after school.
They also allow students to lead events such as assemblies, dances, and PSA’s. But I also believe that is a challenge our school faces cause some students don’t put in their best effort to make those “extra curriculars” enjoyable to students.
What I like about Poway High School was the overall atmosphere of it, it focuses on academics but at the same time focuses on students having a good time in high school. Most of the students and staff are very nice and helpful around campus and are very respectful too. After being at Poway for four years, I can say that it has truly prepared me for the college experience.
I like the campus, its a nice open outdoor campus. There are plenty of places to eat at lunch, in contrast, the food isn't the best. There could be an improvement on the food and the bathrooms. The bathrooms always smell really bad and it degrades the experience of the school. The teachers are nice and most are really easy to learn from and the academics really prepare you for college courses.
I really enjoy Poway High ever since my freshman year. I admire many of the teachers on campus and how involved they are. Moreover, I like Poway High's emphasis on academics. It offers a wide array of classes to choose from with ease. The school administrators and staff are all very friendly and dedicated to helping out struggling students. Overall, PHS is an excellent school and I am glad to be in it.
I liked the expertise of the teachers I had and the ability to tailor my schedule to how I wanted while also remaining within bounds of the graduation requirements. I really enjoyed my photography classes because it opened my eyes to how good I am with a camera and composition and I found one of my passions. However, the food was not the best; I rarely ate cafeteria food and if I did it was only prepackaged snack foods.
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Overall, it's a great school. Don't have much to compare it to, but everything about it is ok. There are some teachers that are not the best, but what school does not have those kinds of teachers.
I liked the teachers and various sports programs, however the counselors, schedules, and course difficulty accounted for a lot of my negative experiences at the school. The counselors were very kind and well spoken people, however if you were to request a change of courses, you would have to wait for weeks and maybe even ask the principal for a change. The schedules were very complex when the semester system was in place, which caused a lot of stress for me during my junior year (6 classes, less time for covering material). Because there were 6 classes in one semester, there was less time to cover the material which caused me to have a mental breakdown during my junior year and I ended up performing a lot worse than what I had projected in the previous years.
Poway High School is a 4-year public high school in Poway, CA. It belongs to Poway Unified School District. Besides being in the top 100 best rated high schools in all of California, the teachers and academic staff seem to have a college positive view and want to help students achieve the most they can in their time in Poway High.
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