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My experience about Poultney high School is they are very big on sports but not really academics. At Poultney High School they want to you volunteer though the school not volunteer on you’re own and get mad if you do that. At this school there is not any college ready classes at all unless you take a independent study which is hard to take.
What I like about Poultney is how they give you so many choices for your classes. If Poultney doesn't offer a class you can take it online or you can choose to take a college class. I don't have anything that needs to change other than the food isn't the greatest.
Poultney High School is a very safe school. Students and visitors would have to wait for the school secretary to allow them access in and then they have to sign in at the main office. Our school had never had cops or security patrolling., only at sporting events. The school nurse is somewhat in her office, however it is hard to catch her at times during the week and afterschool.
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The extra circulars provided at the school are great. Some are provided at PHS than other schools that are much larger than us like Rutland High School. They make the students tend to feel more involved in either giving back, or forming new relationships with peers. Some examples the school provides is Model Congress, Jazz band and Student Council.
Certain teachers in the community will go above and beyond for a students education, and how they can improve it. Others, they care about their students but at times they don't really care on what they teach and how students interpret the subject therefore, possibly causing an effect on the students grades and their future.
Even though Poultney High School is retentively small, many opportunities still hold, some even that other public schools don't have.
The students at this school for the most part have amazing parents its a small town so most of the parents know all the kids so they help and do things for more than just their own kids
There are a few things that could change but that anywhere so overall they do exactly what they are suppose to do which is have kids graduate and sent them to college or work.
Well the bullying continues, despite bullying acts. People are bullied day to day in that school and no one really says anything because they don't want to become intertwined into the students lives because I believe they feel it necessary to stay out. I know kids who have been suspended for numerous reasons, and others with in school suspension serving as their punishment for their intolerable behavior.
The school itself could use an upgrade on the bullying services, and people could come monitor the locker rooms so they know kids aren't being bullied where there are no cameras. Its sad.
Not many people leave the area, because the school has not adequetly prepared them for the real world and things of that nature. Most people stay local and work with their parents or find jobs in the area that have decent pay. I wanted to stand out and so I decided to move to Minnesota to continue furthering my education, I'm prepared for the real world because of my path, not because of my high school.
In my opinion they have some of the best sports to play and participate in. You have to make the most of it because you won't change the sporting events or anything like that because they don't have the means to accomodate new sporting equipment for a larger variety.
Another upside to the sports is how close you and your teammates become because not many people play, it isn't anything like being on a team with 40 to 50 kids because you know everyone and you're friends outside of the sport making it easier to participate with those individuals.
I had few good friends, and most people were very cliquey and they kept to their own group of people. The unique part of this school is how small it is, and how you can get to know anyone because everyone comes through your hall at least once or twice in the year. That includes 7th and 8th graders.
The school food is cooked without much care and served without much care, I wouldn't recommend eating School lunch.
Everything that happens at PHS is taken seriously. They have went out of their way to install camera's through out the building to help boost security.
They are constantly updating the building, technology, and resources through out the entire school.
You are pushed to do your best. They even go out of their way to help you succeed.
The academics offered are great. You have your general classes, AP classes, and now online classes.
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