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Poughkeepsie High School Reviews

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Poughkeepsie high school is one of the most exciting school I’ve been to. It is full of friendly and athletic people with tremendous talent.The teachers helps the student without ease as well as the school AP’s. Even though people say that Poughkeepsie high school is full of unruly, disrespectful and illmannered students, I believe this is not true. The staff members are friendly And are always polite. And I wont forget the school is full of hardworking, deligent, creative and generous students and I love that they never give up!
Poughkeepsie high school need more assistance with administration, staff and students. My high school experience was very poor, due to the lack of help and organization of the school.
Absolutely terrible! This is an extremely ghetto school. The kids are extremely bad and there is almost a fight every single day. The kids steal people's items, curse and cause drama everyday, and bully people. Please do not come to Poughkeepsie High School. You will regret it. The only thing you would like here are the teachers in Honors or AP classes. They are amazing teachers that will help you.
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this school is alright, I've been going here since my sophomore year and honestly I do not recommend it. school needs more help getting better education and supplies which is not being given.
The school lacks resources for its students as well as the fact that there can be more influential activities
What I like about my school is that many teachers are their for any students. They are willing to boost your grade up by any means, willing to help you understand a concept you did not understand in class that day. The teachers want to see every student succeed and not get into trouble. This is school is very well involved in the community and provides many programs, clubs, and organizations to help students succeed and prepare them for college. But what this school need for a change is variety is different programs that could benefit students. Also focus more on other programs such as Band, Art, and even computer studies. This school focuses a lot in sports which is good, do not get me wrong but they should also focus more on students who want to be able to succeed. That is my school survey.
Poughkeepsie high school is a school full of different personalities you will come across people who you will vibe with and people you wont have any relations with at all. The teachers push you to do the best you can so always stay on on top of work & the guidance counselors get to know every student and send info out on anything that can help then in there future.
When it comes to Poughkeepsie High School, the school wide events are wonderful, and the sports are fun. Academically, they get rid of some of the best teachers and replace them with teachers that don't necessarily engage the students in hands on work. I feel the high school needs to have more hands on lesson plans for the teachers, which will encourage students to efficiently complete their work.
The teachers are great, they are always trying to do what's best for their students. They always have your back and support you as much as they can. Unfortunately, there is not much security at the high school, students find it very easy to skip classes because security is not reinforced properly. The school suffers from a lack of cleanest and lack of supplies for the classroom. There was a point when they couldn't afford to buy paper to print anything. The principal is very rude and unprofessional, the food is not good at all and some of the higher authorities are the rudest people.
Poughkeepsie high is a very diverse school. Because of our poor district, we are not given enough opportunities as other schools. We as students just have to make the best of it and keep our heads in the books. There are times when the school is not as safe, but not getting involved is the best way to keep out of trouble.
Poughkeepsie High School isn't the best high school but the teachers are amazing. Besides the negative feedback the school gets , its overall a pretty good school. You learn a lot from education to true/real friends, how to escape distractions and many more.
After being at Poughkeepsie High School for 3 years now, I can wholeheartedly say that the school is not great. The administrators can be of little to know help and security could be better. However, Poughkeepsie High School is just like any other school in that you will have great teachers and you will have REALLY BAD teachers but you just have to make the most of it. While my experiences at the high school have not really been negative, I think Poughkeepsie High School and the district entirely still has a long way to go before we'll be able to offer a "world class education."
All the school wants to do is get you out their way so health and the other topics is not really cared about.
The school has clubs that can help you meet other people & get you involved with the community. There is few that help you with classes.
Only some teachers really want to help the students, they put in a lot of their own time to make a kid reach their goal without being told to.
I feel there should be extracurricular activities based on making a world a better place or getting more involved into the community.
Not alot of people for different parts of the world.
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The academic learning is pretty decent but the amount of academics you can take or want to take is very low making the school hours boring.
This school is very bad due to the fact that kids in the school get bullied by mostly everyone. Everyone ends up a victim of bullying whether they know it or not. There's also lots of drug use in the school: such as, weed, marijuana and possibly other serious drugs.
The school has a good security team of guards and police officers to diffuse any threat. At times I somewhat feel safe because it takes security guards a while to get to a location before the situation get out of control. The school nurses are like mothers of the school always eager to make each student feel better, reminding us how important breakfast is and knows your health situation from the first time of interacting with them.
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