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A small, intimate environment where your child will never get lost. A progressive school with humanistic values. Accepting and inclusive. Students are accepted for who they are. Faculty should have better remuneration. Administration needs greater transparency.
PDS is a great school if you like small, close-knit community. you get to interact a lot with your teachers and really get to know your classmates. PDS has great humanities/literature program and the science program are great if you are interested in biology or physics. However, due to the small size of the school there are not enough resources to have a wide variety of subjects, such as economics. Although the school don't offer APs teachers help student prep for exams in Calc. In general people at pds are very liberal and open to things.
My son requested to go to PDS because he wanted a more inspiring education, the kind that is possible when you don't have to "teach to tests" etc.. In particular he wanted a more dynamic science education. He really has gotten all that he hoped for; he is re-inspired, and being painstakingly built into a total human by wonderful teachers.
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The school is a warm, vibrant, intellectual, and playful community. I am amazed by the creativity of the teachers and the engagement of the students.
PDS is an amazing place to get an education. A students opportunity to create, invent and produce are limitless. The atmosphere is safe, supportive and welcoming of new ideas. The school can be described as controlled freedom where the academics are tops and the creativity is endlessly supported. I highly recommend this school for all grades.
PDS is absolutely terrible, after attending this school, I am practically traumatized from the unprofessional, repulsive, and fake environment. There is favoritism in every class, there are no grades so you can get away with virtually anything. Male teachers engage in texting with the young female high school students which is beyond inappropriate. Everyone at the school tries to act like liberals who understand everyone else's hardships, but in reality they are all just wealthy and stuck up in their own way. Almost everyone is completely intolerant of any beliefs that they don't agree with. All of the kids here are sheltered from the realities and hardships of the real world and coddled by their parents and teachers. This school is absolutely broke and relies on each person's tuition money each year pay faculty and staff's salaries. I have never met so many fake individuals in my life. Everyone avoids conflict at all costs including the administration, which suppresses every issue.
Poughkeepsie Day is a very small environment, the school administration has no clue on how to handle tough situations or any situation for that matter. there is clear favoritism among teachers so if you don't meet the ideal pds student type, prepare to get 'bad comments' and struggle in classes. there is almost no diversity and the food sucks. while there are many useful resources available, as a school known for college prep, the college prep program almost non existent.
the academics in general can be amazing, but the overwhelmingly flawed social community overshadows any of that.
Poughkeepsie Day School, an amazing social school. This school really lets kids express themselves, although some programs like core classes, and length of classes need some attention. I personally think they need to direct their money and support towards more important matters then what they have been doing.
If there's one great thing about PDS, it's how available the teachers are. Whenever a student is struggling, teachers will always find time during the day or even after school to help out. They are always on track of things, and usually are quite nice and friendly.
Students here are not the type to bully. There was only 1 case of bullying, and students stood up for the kid being bullied and supported him. LGBT is very accepted, and there are never any fights.
Clubs are very open. You don't have to be signed up to a certain club if you want to show up. It keeps options open for students. There are about 120 high school students, and about 30 clubs, so a lot of people are involved in their own thing.
I first came to PDS in the 9th grade, and loved it at first. That quickly changed. Most of the classes can easily be passed with what I call "bulls*** and apologize". Not many teachers are on top of the homework assigned, and PDS has a tendency of being too nice. For a school that prepares you for college, it's not exactly what a student would want. What I do love is that the teachers are always there for you. Granted sometimes it can be annoying, but in general, students that want to do well have access to all the resources they could possibly need.
This is a great school if you are there to learn. There are a lot of really privileged kids who are only there because their parents have money (AKA, they have done things that would have gotten them kicked out other places, but not here because they have money). The school has some really great traditions that can really help make the school worth it.
Kenyon really needs some work, but Gilkeson is beautiful. There is a huge access to technology (1:1 Laptop in grades 6-12), iPads, etc. Tutoring is available, but it isn't great and is hard to get. Many parents are extremely involved in the school, with parents assigned to each grade and class, and they can put on some stellar events.
Some people are extremely helpful, but many of the administration are overworked and don't know how to run a school. They are extremely strict over things as simple as signing in (signing in 5 minutes late might mean your keys are taken away for a week). The College Counselor is great at her job, but isn't always easy to get in touch with. There are some really great people at the school, especially if you are on their good side, but some of the people were not made to be administrators.
I applied to the school at a young age, so I don't have very many memories. I do know the admissions counselor very well, and she is very helpful. The school likes creative, thoughtful people. They want people who are critical thinkers and want to make a change in their communities.
There are many different clubs, all very fun. Some popular clubs include Community Service, Yearbook, and Model UN. It is very easy to start new clubs, and kids are always coming up with creative new ones.
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Planned Parenthood comes to the high school and we just had a domestic violence seminar which was informative. The school is very safe. Their is no bullying and if there is the teachers handle it extremely well. I feel safe on campus. The school nurse is also very nice.
The buildings are new. All the technology is new. College prep is amazing. Busing is average. Tutoring is average.
I enjoyed high school for the most part but I don't think I'd do it again. The school provided me with a great education and great teachers and that's all I could really ask for.
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