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I am in the IB program at Poudre which is very rigorous but I love the learning style it offers. Additionally, you get to be very close to all of the other IB students and develop strong, lasting connections. There are a multitute of ways to get involved here which really emphasized school spirit. The school motto is 'ubuntu' which means 'I am who I am because of who we are' which has a strong emphasis on community that I appreciate. However, I would like to see less divide within our community. While we all come together as a school, groups seem to be very tight. This can be good as you get to know your friends very well, but ensuring everyone can participate in all events would be more ideal. For example, IB classes are comprised of IB students, so we do not have much opportunity to meet people outside of this group. I am sure something similar occurs at every school, but in an ideal world, there would not be divisions between groups.
It is a fairly good school and it gives plenty of options with what you want to do. I am in IB and I like the way it challenges me.
Poudre highshool has showed me and given me many great opportunities. I have revived college credit for classes that i’ve taken, and the administration has been very helpful. I played softball and it was an amazing experience and overall so fun. Poudre has prepared me for college and for life in the real world.
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I love Poudre. I have always felt like I belong. The students are amazing and kind along with the teachers. The classes are fun and you choose them for yourself.
Poudre is a great place to learn. We have the most diversity than any other school in Fort Collins. We have an amazing staff who is always there to support you. There are so many different classes and clubs you can be in. The people are great, and everything is great.
I think that beyond the IB programme, of which I am a part, I think that the school is average. That said, the IB staff and competence here is extremely high. I feel, as a senior, that I have had the most rigorous and best education that my district offers through IB at Poudre.
I love the community as a whole, I just think the groups are very separated and could come together. I love the school spirit as well.
I did not enjoy me time at Poudre High School because of the inefficiency of classes. I left school feeling like most of my time was wasted in class because of students who didn't respect teachers.
I loved being apart of the IB program at the school. It was a good challenge for me. Other than that i would argue that the administration wasn't as strong.
I really like the IB program, but I feel like there is a bit of disconnect between the IB students and the general student body. I have found a great community here but I don't know that the same is true for everyone.
Poudre is becoming more diverse and they have programs for anyone. They are continually promoting acceptance and leadership. I would love to see school spirit continue to grow.
I really appreciate that most of the teachers I have had at Poudre High School do not overload me with homework. They understand that home is for relaxing and spending time with your family, not for doing homework and getting stressed out.
The teachers at Poudre HS are all amazing and the education one can recieve there is phenomenal. The school is getting a little small for all of the people that go there, and the kids there can be difficult to deal with sometimes.
There needs to be more diversity in the school and less separation of social groups! It’s IB program is really good though although challenging
Poudre is a good school with many excellent program offerings and opportunities, including International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), an arts pathway, and more. The atmosphere is nice. There are lots of interesting classes and fun extracurriculars. A great deal of service opportunities are also available through this school. I wish more funding was given to certain programs, and would like to see that change.
Poudre High has a wide variety of educational tracks to meet all students needs. The school has outstanding extracurricular activities: ranging from Honor Societies, sports, theater, community service groups, and even Future Farmers of America.
This year will be my fourth and final year as a Poudre Impala, as sad as I am to leave Poudre has prepared me and steered me in the right direction for a bright future. it was easy to go and talk to your councilor, ask questions or just talk for a few minutes. You also felt like you had a real family with the way everyone was connected within a class.
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I really like Poudre because everybody is friendly and there always teachers available to help you with homework. Also the diversity of cultures is amazing
Poudre is a good school because we have teachers that care about their craft. They often try to help students understand what they don't know.
I liked how it was so diverse and we had many learning opportunities. The students are kind and courteous. There are many opportunities to serve the community through clubs and organizations through Poudre.
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