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My experience at Pottsville would be almost perfect. The atmosphere is one that I have enjoyed being a part of. The school gives one many opportunities and ways to be included and involved. The only reason for improvement would be how the teachers teach, other than that there isn't many negatives about Pottsville.
I am a senior at Pottsville High School and I have attended our high school for three years. We do not have any bullying problems because the staff and student body help to prevent other people from feeling left out. We have built a new Field House for our competitive events. We have a new tennis court and we have just started a new volleyball team.
The teachers are overwhelmingly supportive and caring! This school tends to focus on making education fun in a way that students are still learning something. Pottsville is a very conservative school and that helps keep kids focused when it comes to certain distractions.
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I’ve gone to Pottsville since kindergarten and I have made many friends and memories along the way. There have been very few teachers I ever had a problem with because most all of them are dedicated to making sure the students receive a good education.
Provided me a with a great high school experience and prepared me for the future. Great teachers, students, and environment!
The teachers are extremely respectful and godly. This school is one of the best schools I have been too.
I have attended Pottsville High School for the last three years. The thing I like most about Pottsville High School is the willingness of the teachers to help you to see you achieve your goals. I received an injury to my writing hand this year and all of my teachers went above and beyond to help me to make sure I was able to still get my class work and tests accomplished. Also, the counselor Mr. Mark Lee is always available to help with information about college and sending out emails about scholarships. This has been very helpful to me so that I might achieve my goals.
The Junior High is the worst of the Pottsville School District. The freshmen will bully you no matter what. The principal, Mr. Bell, will do nothing about it either. In the High School, no one judges you because no one cares. Everyone is chill, except the football players. They're sweet but, they're always ready to go out on the football field to play. So far, in High School, I have had a great experience. I don't have to worry about anything. People don't care how you dress, how you wear your hair or anything like that. You can be you and not get bullied for it. Pottsville is one of the top leading schools for education in Arkansas.
Pottsville has a very small town feel and most of the teachers are very good at helping you when you need help.
Pottsville High School is a great school. I love my teachers and my schedule is perfect for me and what I want to do in college. I am not into sports, but I know we have a great sports program. We have an excellent art program and academics program. I am a junior and am currently taking three AP (Advanced Placement) classes. They are more challenging than regular classes and at the end of the year we take a test to determine if we get college credit for these classes.
I love my school I have been here since kindergarten. It has been one of the best experience for me. I never changed schools because this one was the best for me.
I love Pottsville Schools, I have attended most of my life. I feel very safe there. The athletic, musical, and all of the other programs there are really great too!
I really like attending high school in such a small town, providing a family feel while still providing students with the education they need to prepare them for their future.
I love the school! I have been attending Pottsville since Kindergarten and it has been an absolute joy.
Pottsville only has one foreign language (not counting online courses) when they used to have two. A Handful of teachers are really rude but are curriculum is somewhat good.
Most students only accept whoever is in their group, the athletes. Then you have the outcasts. We all have our own group of friends but we do often talk to the other outcasts. Usually the homosexual males are often faced with judgement
Most of the money the school has is usually given towards the sports we have. Drama club, Choir, Band and the Chess club are at the "bottom of the food chain".
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The teachers at Pottsville varies from putting just notes on the board, expecting students to write it down, to actually going up to the board and go over things, asking the students if they understand what the lesson is about. Two thirds of the teachers are like this, but the one third is not really approachable for questions and doesn't teach well.
The teachers at Pottsville High School are always ready to help. They are eager to teach students. Teachers use teaching styles to benefit all types of student learning styles.
Although the work can be hard and seem overwhelming, the teachers are good about helping and working with you. Many people have jobs which can make it hard to do homework. There's also many online study websites that will prepare you for life defining tests such as the ACT, that they'll recommend.
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