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I enjoyed the extra curriculums at Pottsville High School, and that they were on top of their grading system. But one thing they could change is the way people bully one another. Some people feel unwanted due to other students looking at them differently.
I enjoy this school. I never really had a problem with any of my teachers and I feel they have prepared me well for college.
The school district needs to become more advanced with technology. I would also like to see better preparation for college.
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It's high school. I've always felt it was a nice school, but I can't say I haven't felt jealous about what I've heard about other nearby schools.
I recently just graduated from Pottsville Area High School. During my time there I was able to be involved as a cheerkeader and a member of several different clubs. I would say I was involved enough with a lot of aspects of that School to be able to give a valuable opinion. My time at Pottsville Area High School was unforgettable. Looking back, high school was a great past time. Though, during my time as a student there was a lot of things I would've changed about the school such as the overall energy the the school as a whole gave. I would've loved to be encouraged more and have more positive outlooks on school work, and life in general. The school has amazing school spirit and is filled with student that have the outmost potential, but I feel if we were all pushed just a little more many students would have a more prepared after high school life. Overall, it is a safe school with a big heart just in need of a little more guidance.
This is a great school to go to, there are always different school events to take part in. There are also many different clubs and sports to be involved in. The teachers are very helpful, I learned a lot.
The curriculum is excellent, but administration would not allow students in the votech courses were not allowed at the college fair. I also lost a co-op job with the Penn-DOT due to withholding permission to continue working during my homeschool semester until two weeks after the due date.
It is definitely the best school in the area in terms of higher level learning, but there are improvements that can be made. The district has mysteriously come up short money-wise and all of our field trips for the year have been cancelled because of busing costs. Kinda sucks considering it's my senior year. The administration supports the arts, which we are grateful for because not many administrations do. I feel well prepared for college because of the variety and type of courses offered here.
I like the variety of classes. There is a lot of favoritism which isn't fair at all to a lot of students. There are plenty of sports to choose from as well. We have a great art program.
I am currently a senior at Pottsville Area High and I love this school! Everyone around is so friendly and respectful, and the academics are top notch!!
I think the school does it's very best with the extracurricular activities, from the student participation to the advisors and community.
I believe it's the best school in the area! We had great athletic teams, an outstanding marching band, and even a fantastic drama club
Most teachers do a great job and really seem to love what they do, but there were a few that didn't seem like they wanted to be there. Some were unapproachable and didn't know how to connect with their students.
The safety is extremely prominent at Pottsville as there are armed police officers on each floor of the building. The school nurse is decent, but nothing exceptional.
Extracurriculars at PAHS are one of the best aspects of this school. PAHS offers so many clubs and organizations for all different individuals and interests.
My overall experience at Pottsville Area High School was great. They offer a variety of different clubs and organizations for all of the students. It is very easy to find something that you are interested in.
The teachers at PAHS always give their full effort in helping students in any ways possible. Most teachers are extremely approachable and are always willing to assist you.
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There is a extracurricular activity for everyone
I would choose this school again because it's the best high school in the county
Most of the teachers helped students and taught well.
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