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The classes were pretty good, the teachers cared about the students, but the administrators weren't so great. The principal rarely replied to emails and the guidance counselors always had problems with schedules.
Overall a decent school. Gets a lot of frack because of the location, but in general, it's quite alright for a school that is in a more urban area compared to surrounding school districts
Pottstown Highschool has been a very fun, educational experience for me. We take pride in our sports teams and other clubs such as the marching band. The teachers create a fun, safe, and educational environment to ensure the success of the students.
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Going four years here, allowed me to interact with one of the most diverse and friendly communities I have seen. As an ESL student, I saw very little prejudice against people like me. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure every student is prepared for not only college but life in general. If I could change one thing, it would be the mindset of the students here. There are so many talented students but they do not showcase their talents because of how others might judge them. They also go with the stereotype that since my school is "poor," it does not offer opportunity for its students. This is completely inaccurate because I have seen students take the resources offered by my school, and got into Ivy League schools, taken a scholarship trip to Ecuador, and won first prize in the We Are Innovator's Challenge. So, my philosophy is, it is not about what the school offers, but what you can achieve from all that is offered to you.
I personally do not like going to Pottstown High School. Most of the other students are not generally the type of people I like hanging around, which makes it hard to like being around them. Most of the staff are pretty awesome, but there are a few teachers that close to NO ONE likes. This makes it hard to enjoy whatever class they teach, for me at least.
I love the family atmosphere that I get when I walk into the school. The teachers here will help you in the long run. The reason being any teacher I asked was willing to write a good recommendation and proof read my application essays.
After a hard time at Northeast High School in Philadelphia, PA, transferring to Pottstown High School was a huge breath of relief. Amazing staff, caring teachers, and an overall great environment to be in.
Most teachers taught really well, others did not. Although I did have great experiences interacting with my peers.
I like how close knit Pottstown is and how some of the teachers really care about the success of their students.
Pottstown high school is a good school the teachers care about there students but there principal is not good at all she hides in her office and is just rude
the school has very low regard for the safety or general education for the individual. they focus on the school as a whole and the numbers rather than trying to figure out why the numbers and scores are soo low. teachers were very tired.
I'm the mother of a senior and sophomore. My experience with the school has been positive. My senior has accepted a substantial scholarship to a great school. She has participated in sports, choir, NHS, AP classes and has really enjoyed her teachers and classmates. Pottstown is unique, but it does have opportunities. My sophomore is involved in art and student government. I appreciate the work of the students, parents and teachers at Pottstown Senior High.
It's okay because we don't have metal detectors so you don't know what people are up to.
We have a lo of good teams so the games were just fun and we won most.
I had a good time at the school they helped me get through a lot such as school, athletics, and my grades
I was very happy with the teachers I had this year they were all helpful and helped me graduate.
There are some extracurricular opportunities at my school, but there is not a huge variety. For example, we have a girls lacrosse team, but not one for boys. Also, we have a large variety of clubs but students don't join them because the school does not promote them very well. The clubs I am involved in I really like.
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My overall experience at my school has been great so far. It's a small school, so all the students and staff know each other. We call ourselves a Trojan Family. Together we have created a lip dub, produced plays, and have pep rallies. My school listens to what we have to say. We are a part of the school board that makes decisions for the entire district. Also, my school offers CTE programs that are built right into our curriculum. For these reasons, I would definitely do it all over again.
Most of the teachers engage with their students, and show a genuine interest in the student's ideas. I feel that their method of grading is equally fair. But there are a select few who do not live up to that standard. It makes you wonder why they chose this profession. Overall the quality of education at my school is great, and I am enjoying my experience here.
I'm going to say parent involvement is okay. I believe this because a lot of parents don't get involved with the school. Although not a lot, the parents who support the Pottstown Band do an amazing job!
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