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Pottsgrove Senior High School Reviews

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Growing up in the Pottsgrove School District, I have always felt safe and generally well-educated. Most of the teachers at the high school are great at what they do but, as with every school, there are a few exceptions. The food isn't always that great but in general the school is an enjoyable place for students.
I have had a very positive experience at Pottsgrove Senior High School. The diversity, engaging teachers, and rigorous courses have helped me become the hard working student I am today.
Overall, Pottsgrove High School is a safe environment for students to learn. The teachers are so invested in your learning and understanding. Although, Pottsgrove High School should add more higher advanced classes into the curriculum.
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My time at Pottsgrove was made educational and successful by the amazing teachers I had. They care for their students, and most are willing to help out with just about anything. The music programs are incredible too, and my participation in almost every group really taught me lessons that set me up for success.
Sometimes the school seemed to focus more on how many APs we offered and less about how well kids were doing in these courses. The science department was incredible, always willing to help you understand more. The history department was another force to be reckoned with. For the most part, individual teachers cared a great deal about how their students were doing in classes. The administration, on the other hand, cared more about the general presentation of our school and what our school rank was. Overall, I've had a pretty positive experience through Pottsgrove and take pride in being a Falcon.
What I loved most at Pottsgrove, was the close knit community. Our grade/class size was about 250 students, which allowed for many friendships and connections with many different people.
Sporting events were always a big deal because everyone knew who the athletes were. These situations allowed for even more bonding between classmates.
There were a handful of teachers who were amazing such as Mrs. Federoff, Mrs. Cash, Mrs. Carroll, and Mr. Stock. The science department is also great. However, I feel like they focus way to much on rules such as dress code and book bags then bullying or academics. I was not well prepared for college and struggled quite a bit.
I think the current administrative staff is moving in a positive direction. The school is improving, as measured by test scores, rankings, and college choices by recent graduates. AP participation is climbing. My favorite memory of senior year is the college breakfast. Seniors attending college or joining the military were invited to a breakfast for their families. Dr. Ziegler (the principal) went up to every single student and congratulated them and their families.
Things I Like: Color Day, Renovations, Clubs, Turf field, etc.
Things that Could Be Improved: Club expansion, utilizing areas of school (courtyard, outdoor seating, etc.)
Pottsgrove High School can be a wonderful place to learn and thrive but it takes work. Nobody will do all the things you need for you but if you know you want it they will be willing to help.
Here at Pottsgrove I've made many friends. The athletic teams are not that nice compared to other schools, which gives everyone an opportunity to play. Also, the teachers are very attentive and help you whenever you need it.
I enjoyed how close the students were with each other. My graduating class was only around 200 students so we all got to know each other and kids from the other grades. Also the teachers were very caring and you got to connect with those transcending school work as they care about your every day life as well.
My overall experience has been good. I have not made friends, the students all have their own groups and I do not fit in with any. But, the staff is wonderful, they are always giving their very best to insure that we, the students, have an astonishing future. Would love to see an AVID program.
Pottstown Senior High School is the best high school in this area. They have so many opportunities for their students to succeed.
There are tons of classes to choose from. Many carrier and tech. options available to students. The workload can get heavy based on how many AP classes you take, but it's manageable.
There are many different clubs and activities to choose from. They are extremely welcoming as well.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about their students.
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The main extracurricular activity I can think of at Pottsgrove is sports in general. Sports at Pottsgrove are very fun events for everyone, students, parents, and faculty. Pottgrove appreciates our athletes so much and gives us a lot of support.
I think what makes Pottsgrove a great school is the unique activities they have, for example, Color Day, an awesome event that occurs after midterms, the students love it and it is a great way to bring the school together. I would choose this school again because I think with my counselor and some of the teachers help, I would of struggled more. The counselors and teachers put a lot of effort into the students there at Pottsgrove.
Most of the teachers at Pottsgrove are dedicated to their students and they all seem to love their job working with students and preparing them for college.
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