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It's your average small-town school. Sports are the most important, Friday night football games are what everybody in town looks forward to the most. Academics are decent, but the athletics program has more recognition. Diversity is essentially non-existent, but I would like to think the small town of Pottsboro will become a welcoming environment one day sooner than later.
I liked that it was a smaller school so if you needed help on a subject you were struggling with you were able to receive that. It lacks opportunities and more class options to take.
Pottsboro High School offers a decent education for a small town school. However, there are multiple areas where Pottsboro could stand to improve. There is very little recognition for students with achievements outside of sports and athletics.
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Because it is such a small school, you really get to have a personal relationship with your teachers. That being said, some of the elective teachers do not have control of their classes. The students of the school have a big drug problem. The small class size creates a good learning environment for the AP classes.
The education here is as best as it can be. It's not a 5 star due to the fact that it's a small school, so it can't please everyone.
Great school from the building to the teachers. Prepared me for college. Food is not so great but that's to be expected with most school food. Diversity doesn't exist here, which is a shame because it does not accurately mirror the real world and give students an appreciation for people different then themselves. Sports, football mainly, are dominant and an alright amount of clubs and organizations are here but are not the focal point which is a shame. One thing to improve would be evening out the support and funding among ALL organizations and not just sports. Overall it has been an enjoyable past four years and a great place to grow up.
Moving to the small, quiet, town of Pottsboro, proved to be one of the best choices my parents made. Coming from a small private school, trying to find the right high school, seemed like a daunting task, but the Pottsboro School District made this transition a smooth and easy one. The town, and high school alike, feel like a huge family, where Friday nights under the lights rule the town, and where students feel comfortable in the school, and go on to achieve greater things than thought possible. The atmosphere of this hidden gem of a town and school, keeps its arms open for any new and coming members of the community. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful Lake Texoma backs this warm, welcoming, little town, this is a place and school no one should pass up.
Janitors are constantly cleaning everyday and night. Signs are posted throughout the school to give health tips. We are taught safety meausre dealing with our hygiene and foods during our years at Pottsboro. There are safety routes posted in each classroom and the safety procedures are discussed regulatory in classes.
Kids stay after school to do all sorts of things. Normally students, and teachers, don't leave school until 6 p.m. Activities vary from major sports to archery and student council. Some students also do FCCLA or have Ag related meetings. There is a large number of students in attendance at all of these events.
I've grown up in this town since I was 5 years old and I wouldn't trade any of it. Everyone is connected in this small town and everyone treats each other like family. People are always supportive of events, even if they don't have a child participating. I couldn't have asked for a better community.
The teachers are easy to contact in and out of the classroom, and they are always asking if they can assist me in anyway with college.
The teachers are great and teach you all that you need to know for any upcoming state tests.
Grade-wise the students are very high performing compared to area schools, though little is offered for the students to choose from.
The food is okay at best, sometimes there are amazing things for lunch, and sometimes it looks like barf. Small portions, (5 tiny chicken nuggets? really?) and limited vegan/vegetarian dietary options unless you want to eat the exact same salad every day, and even that salad has a small cup of ham or turkey in it.
Personally, I loved the school for the friendships and education that I received. You have to make the best of your time here, though, or it will not be fun.
Like every school, some graduates will achieve nothing in life, and some may own fortune 500 companies in their life time. There's a large population of very intelligent people.
Not very many cultures represented. Very sheltered town
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While there are always bad teachers, most of the teachers here are very helpful and very lenient about a lot.
No people really like High School, but this one is pretty bad. It is exemplary, but other than classes there isn't much good.
Best day is crispito day. The snack line is okay, but other than that bring your lunch.
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