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Potts Camp High/Middle School Reviews

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Though my graduating class was small, everybody knew each other and were for the most part friends. It's the typical high school with your cliques and your outcasts and bullies. As far as academics, I would have to say there needs to be major improvement or the future of this school is grim. The school district has recently elected a new superintendent and I personally know her and I believe she will bring great change to the school. It's in desperate need of repairs and teachers are quitting left and right. My experience with this school was not the best, but I have made the best lifelong friends while attending and I'm eternally grateful for that. I wasn't the best student, but I did fairly well. The classes were not challenging at all and everyone breezed through. Today, I don't have high hopes for the school, but who knows what the future will bring.
Oh, Potts Camp. It was a roller coaster the entire time I went there. Originally, I attended New Albany schools up until high school, and I decided to move to a smaller school in order to be more comfortable. Potts Camp doesn't offer as many things as larger schools do, but it was a great opportunity for me to grow as a person. I met my best friend at Potts Camp! It had its ups and downs as any schools would, but something I would definitely change is the tolerance policy. There were many ignorant people I went to school with, and a stricter no-bully policy would very much improve the students experience. We temporarily had an art building there, but it was cancelled due to funds. I would encourage Potts Camp to throw more fundraisers in order for them to get the art program back. Overall, high school is high school. There's something you can learn from every experience.
My experience at Potts Camp High School was great. I was an athlete so I really enjoyed everything. The teachers were very helpful, and they pushed all the students academically to be as smart as they could be. Also they are one of the best academic schools in Marshall County.
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I feel very safe at my school
Certain teachers and my friends helped me have a good experience.
We have the same food all the time there's no variety.
Some students get away with things all the time.
You have some teachers that actually teach and you have some that don't.
We have ffa , my alpha theta, fcla, and beta club
I feel really safe at the school
It's school, no one really likes school.
Some days lunch just isn't the best at all
Our disciplinary is very well
We have really good teachers who strive for us to reach the top of our goals
We have a large variety of clubs to join and be a part of
Everyone supports our teams in everything we do. It's amazing
There are occasional fights, but nothing worse than that.
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It's been rough at times, but my friends made it worth it.
There are barely any variety and the quality is bad.
The guidance counselor is very helpful.
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