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Potterville High School Reviews

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I love Potterville High School because it is a smaller school which allows for teachers to create lifelong bonds with their students and creates a very positive learning environment. Since it is a smaller school, students do not have as many choices to choose from when we sign up for classes so I would love to see maybe some more foreign language classes to choose from or a life skills class would be very fun and helpful. Overall, the environment is small but that is what I love most about it as it helps to create closer bonds with other students and helps me to feel at home.
My experience at Potterville high school has always been amazing. I’ve been going to Potterville public schools since kindergarten and I’ve never had any problems with anything. The teachers are amazing, the students are all super nice, and it’s a great learning environment. If I could change anything it’s be the sports. Our school doesn’t have the best winning records in many sports but all the athletes are always trying their best.
Teachers are nice and helpful along with the students. Everyone is nice to each other and willing to help where help is needed. With having a small school district come with perks.
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Potterville has a "strict" no-bullying policy yet every year I have attended this school I have been bullied. Even after I have gone to to the principal and teachers, the bully has still maintained the title of President of NHS.
The whole administrative staff was under qualified, fired teachers who helped students learn and connected with them, never made enough food to feed the students, and all around was just a negative environment.
This school is amazing. The teachers know how to teach and they are very helpful. The school had alternate classes like online classes. You don't need very many credits to graduate. All you need is 22 credits.
We go to win, but for sports we also make sure everyone has fair time and enjoys it. The teachers will stay back after class and make sure you get this. Everything is blessed here.
From going here, I've seen the parents stick by the kids for everything and they go out and support not just there kid.
They are always there for when you need them and are always friendly.
Potterville is a tightknit community with friendly people. Although, I believe that the education curriculum and extra curriculum activities needs some work, and more opportunities.
Some of the policies didn't make sense to me, but all in all they were alright.
I loved the family environment in Potterville, I always got along with everyone, and everyone knew everyone.
I think they cared and did a farly good job preparing my class for college. I want to say that the math facilty do exceptionally well.
There are quite a few vollunteer opportunity clubs such as National Honor Society and other clubs like that.
Potterville is not known for the sports programs, Football coachs do a very good job, there's just not a whole lot of athletes to compete with the top tear teams.
I felt that the math courses and teachers in Potterville have a strong grasp on teachin the material, and have a lot of expirience in teaching. The math department in Potterville is very strong.
The snack options in Potterville are not the best but Potterville is going in the right direction of what kind of food they have in the school.
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The teachers are all fairly well educated and do their best to teach students the maximum amount of material possible, without causing students to become too overwhelmed. The teachers are great about engaging students in discussion, as well as answering students' questions. They also make an effort to get to know each student personally, and can often be found cheering students on at athletic events and other activities.
Being so small, Potterville does not have the resources that many larger schools have. Potterville does not have a school nurse, its own security guards, or any other personnel aside from teachers and administrators. However, Potterville is a fairly safe place. The school has recently installed security cameras throughout the buildings, and the main offices have recently been located to safer spots within the building.
Potterville is not very ethnically or religiously diverse. However, students at Potterville are very accepting and many students are active in volunteering within the community. Nearly every student at Potterville is involved in some sort of sport or club, making students within the school well-rounded and tight-knit.
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