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Highschool was good, like any other student, I would get stressed out with the school work but many of the teachers made the classes fun. Although since it’s a small school, it did not have many electives like how other schools had. The school didn’t not have a Spanish teacher at the time so I had to go take Spanish at the community college.
Potter Valley is a small school that's only problem is enrollment numbers. There is only about seventy people in enrolled in the high school at most. But, the teachers and faculty are great and it's a nice campus.
I enjoy being at this school it's in the valley that I grew up in and the people around you are so welcoming and respectful. It's a beautiful place with tons of adventures!
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our administration stays to there policies to an extent
we dont offer many sports but the ones we do are ok
our teachers arnt the best but they teach us what we need to know.
our school only has 2 clubs and that's not exactly enough for people to get involved in and most people are not.
Mostly the administrative staff I'd trying to deal with students that are arguably defiant and since there 2800 humans all going through puberty at the same time, losing their patience and trying to figure themselves out, it's hard to mandate with such a large population.
We had a few great opportunities; they trickle down from football, basketball, baseball, etc. The teams seemed very well supported and the games were fun to watch
As I mentioned, I find that teachers produce lower quality lectures which encourage a disinterest in the students which is why the teachers care less about high quality material, creating a cycle of disinterest
This school is very large with an average of 2800 students and has 4 pathways within the campus for career ready advantages: Performing Arts, Law, Business and Technology, Science. However the instructors close to diminish the quality of the education they can provide due to the disinterest of the students, which creates a cyclical effect for each incoming freshman class.
The teachers are knowledgeable, available, and really care about each student
Funding is always an issue but they make the best of what they have
I'm never worried about my son at school. Every one knows everybody so their are always eyes on kids
I think like most schools you get out of it what you put in. the help is there if the kids want it. My son does quite well so I can't complain
I love the school. I wish they were better funded with more options for advanced classes but I wouldn't send my son anywhere else
The teachers and administration truly know and care for the kids. Options are limited due to funding and school size, but they do the best they can
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My son is an inter-district transfer because I wanted a small school and the process was simple and easy
being so small few people attend games, there are few players and the teams aren't that good, but the kids have fun and are very close
The school is very good at using punishment when necessary.
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