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Potsdam Senior High School Reviews

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Potsdam Senior High School is the place where I, a privileged white girl, saw many achievements. It is also the place where a hate crime took place and went disgustingly unacknowledged despite teachers’ knowledge. This school is my home. But it is also the home of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. This is a great place to be if you are white.
I graduated from there in 2017, I loved it there. The teachers are very helpful and kind. I was able to form a bond with them.
I would have liked to have more college advising and preparation. My teachers were good, but I would have liked to be challenged more academically.
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Potsdam cares about the safety of each kid and takes advice from students often, as in all places there are common mistakes but overall its a nice place to be and (most) of the teachers are very fun
Potsdam Central School could use an increase in diversity. Good teachers and staff. Overall positive environment.
Potsdam Senior High School provided me with a warm and loving atmosphere that made my high school experience fun and exciting. Starting high school I figured that I'd be lazy and have fun. My whole lazy idea went down the drain and was replaced by a willingness to work. The teachers here provided me with the proper tools to succeed and with these tools I was able to prepare for college. I was a member of the track and cross country teams which really expanded my athletic ability and gave me the proper discipline to help myself do better in school. The faculty is alright, but the guidance office contains some weird people. Other than that I haven't really had any other issues and I hope that incoming freshman enjoy the school and it's programs as much as I did.
Needs more accepting leaders of groups
Almost all teachers are wonderful, but some are not
There are a lot of sports at Potsdam High School. Most students play some kind of sport. Other extracurriculars, not so much. Unless a student is willing to put in the time and dedication for something like Model UN or Mock Trial, the extracurricular pool is pretty lame, though not for lack of trying on the part of the clubs. Most students in this school just want to go home or have to go to work after school.
Compared to many schools in the area, Postdam High School is, in my opinion, the best. For a small, rural community, it has a lot of different kinds of people. There are the very rural families, like the ones that run the farm half a mile down the road from my house, and kids of college professors whose parents probably work at one of the two colleges in Potsdam. It can get dull being around the same 100 or so kids for 12 years of school, but the small size means that everyone knows everyone else. This makes it easier to find friend groups and work with different people. In all, yes, this is a pretty great school, but after living here for my whole life, I can't wait to leave for college.
Overall, Potsdam High School has a great array of teachers. They love to engage students seeking a deeper understanding of course material and try to make themselves as available as possible for extra help. However, due to Regents exams and teacher evaluations through test grades they seem to teach for the test more than the benefit of the students. Also there are some... unorthodox teachers whose styles are very inflexible and suited for a narrow category of students. For instance, I took a class where we were not allowed to take notes, and another class where the tests did not cover the main points of the chapter, but superfluous details one would have to have a photographic memory to remember from the book.
There were a lot of clubs offered, however participation in them were rather low. Students would sign up to participate in a club or organization, but they would never stick with it, and only 10 kids would be there at the end of the year. Also, it was difficult to find staff members to lead clubs or organizations at times.
After graduating from Potsdam, I felt as though I was ready academically, however I didn't feel fully prepared in a real world setting. I was confident I would be able to handle the course load at my university, but I had never learned how to handle finances, write a resume, or apply for any type of job.
everyone tends to get along regardless of popularity
not really how they told us it would be
principal is not involved at all
The food is tasteless and they never give us enough to sustain us for the day.
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