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Potosi High School Reviews

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Small community. Small classes. Mostly great teachers. A couple awful ones. Not a diverse school at all. Good athetics. Good outreach opportunities.
We have a great selection of classes offered at our small school.
We accept new students into our school very well. We approach them and greet them respectively.
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The programs set out for us at Potosi schools are phenomenal. Our staff provide a great atmosphere for us to thrive and express or ideas. With a little financial help, I believe our small school could provide more after school activities than schools double our size.
Very small school so local law enforcement rarely gets involved with any situations that may occur.
My experience at this school has been great for the past 3 and a half years. The students and staff are what make our school one of a kind. They make learning fun.
Most teachers at my school are genuine and help students when the needs are necessary. They grade papers and get them in the grade book on time along with explaining what could be better.
The school was great, academic wise. Living in a small town where rumors would fly, not so great. Honestly, I didn't love school. I appreciated the academic side, even though I took it for granted, but I was bullied so much, and teachers did nothing to stop it. They just sat by and watched. When I started high school, we had been having teachers quit because of unknown reasons. At the end of Sophomore year over six teachers had quit, some being my favorite. Honestly speaking, I can't say that this is the best school in Wisconsin, but I can say that I did love high school and I had great friends and teachers to make amazing memories with.
Overall, the school was great to attend in the four years I was there.
Teachers make sure you get the material no matter how they have to teach it.
Teachers were very personable and I have a great group of friends.
They have made a lot of changes since I graduated in May of 2013. They now have a buzzer to get in and security cameras in various locations of the school.
Not a whole lot of diversity due to the rural area.
Not always visually appealing, some close to expiration date.
Small town and school=not a whole lot of choices.
There are no AP classes or honor classes.
Some classes may be supportive of their fellow classmates, but others refuse to go to athletic events.
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I wish we would've had more of an option for sports. I would have liked to take track, swimming, or dance.
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