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Potosi High School is a great school in a small rural town of Missouri. The teachers and administrators are very involved with the students and help them succeed in many ways!
Most of the teachers are really nice. Everyone gets along well and there is always something fun happening.
What i liked abput Potosi Highschool was the staff and teachers. They take well care of you and make sure you thrive for excellence!
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My expierience at Potosi High School has been very unique. I am a honor roll student, but I feel the teachers for a very poor Jones at teaching. I am an all sectional and districts champion athlete buti feel the coaching ispoor as well. My expierience has been ok as far as high school goes. Burn on the other hand I cannot wait to go to college.
The teachers at the high school do more than they already have to do. Without teachers to teach us about the different courses of life that we have to go through, we as the students would not know how to get through life itself. I would like to dedicate my life to all the teachers that I have had throughout the years because they had done a splendid job for the students in the future.
I have personally had some problems with a couple of teachers. For the most part, I like the staff, and a majority of them care about us.
We have alot of different clubs but there isnt much student participation. The clubs dont have alot of funding, therefore they are not able to do much outside of the school.
This school has gave me the best experiences and has gave us students a great education. One of my favorite experiences was going to San Antonio, Texas with the marching band. It was my fist big trip ive ever taken that I can remember. I have made lots of friends while at this school and I have never had any bad experiences. What makes this school unique is the amount of school spirit. Durring our homecoming, everyone participates and it is a really fun time.
The way that teachers at this school communicate is ok but could definitely be improved.Some teacher do care about us as a person but others seen like they want the day to be over with as quick as possible.
I think this school is great, and truly unique, because of the teachers. They truly care about helping you succeed. They have pushed me to do my best and go beyond what I imagined I am capable of. My favorite experience was when two of my teachers came to me first to help me improve my ACT score. They showed me just how much they cared and made me see more to myself. I would not choose to attend a different high school if given the opportunity because of this reason.
I've gone to Potosi my entire life, but there's a few things about PHS that I would change. I believe that every school has things that others would change if they had the opportunity, so it is normal for the school to have some flaws. Lunch is the big problem here. On days when the school is serving something good, the lines are backed up almost all the way to the other end of the cafeteria, and it takes the entire lunch period to get your tray if you're stuck in the back of the line. That is the big problem I have noticed so far this year, but other than that, it's been okay.
There aren't many security measures taken, but I also don't think that it's all that necessary.
I almost went to college early my junior year and I decided to stay at Potosi. That decision has proven to be one of the worst of my life. While some of the teachers and faculty are awesome, others find a way to ruin the experience. The school has no money and what they do have is spent not on education or even things like air conditioning, but on athletics.
The food is healthy, but it tastes like rubber and very few people actually eat it. I just stopped eating lunch eventually.
Most punishments are either a write up or in-school suspension
A lot of the club funding that the school does give goes directly to sports. Within my high school career the school has built brand new softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, and has put down a new turf football field. I would say that most of the school's money goes toward sports.
Some of the teachers are really good at what they do and they love doing it. Others are not so much. It is difficult to rate them as a whole because they are all so different.
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Most of the clubs have really great sponsors, which make them so fun. Also, a lot of our competitive activities (choir, football, band, etc.) are very good at what they do, so they bring home awards and high ratings often. The biggest problem I see is funding. The school itself is pretty poor and they do not pay into organizations. Almost all of the money that goes through these clubs has been fundraised for or donated.
The academics are okay but it really depends on the teachers. Some teachers are great at what they do and others I feel I still haven't learned anything from them. Over the years I have been there they do improve there teachers and replace the ones who don't do there jobs to me that's them trying to improve the academics. Potosi school does place you in the classes you do need for future academics they are very good about that. The thing we don't have there though is a study hall they took it out it would be nice to have people in there to help for tutoring options. They are doing okay on academics but just little things they can do to improve themselves would have been great for students going to college soon to bring up GPA and act scores.
This school offers sports but a lot of the students do not participate much. in my opinion this needs to be more enforced and made to where every one will want to play in activities. A lot of kids will let the students who are more athletic be more involved and just stand back. our teams perform decently i feel like they try but not everybody some students slack a little. The school spirit needs to improve as well many people there don't dress up as often as the students in previous years, many are too embarrassed to support the teams and show spirit but most just simply refuse. As far as the fitness facility goes there isn't much of one the gym call is about it and some students still don't do much but sit around. In my opinion this would improve if the teachers and facility made physical activity's more fun such as playing more better games in gym teaching one on one how to become a better sports player being more encouraging instead of picking favorites, things would improve.
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