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Potomac high school is a practically small Prince George’s county public school in Oxon Hill Maryland. Potomac’s program is average because of the lack of diversity and the poor professionalism of the staff and administration. The lunch here is not so bad but before enrolling children here I would suggest a school tour or visit.
Not as bad as people make it out to be, it’s cool and small. Everyone interacts with each other and some teachers are cool and actually care
I liked the Band. I also liked administration and teachers and how they wanted to help students to succeed always and to go to college and in life to be successful.
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Potomac high school is a pretty decent high school only depending on if you go there to do your work or not. If your serious about your school work and life Potomac is a great school and they help you through anything
My overall experience at Potomac High School has been a roller coaster ride. This school has its ups and downs but it will mold you into a better person , teaching you to be independent and learn to fend for yourself.
Potomac is a good school but the school being on lock down a few times in this school year made it difficult to feel safe at times.
Potomac High School is excellent school, not only because of sports but also because, the school gets you ready for another higher level of academics.
To make something of yourself at this school requires determination and hope. It can be done, but one has to be okay with standing against the peer pressure so heavy here. Sports are probably the best outlet and way to stay focused at this school. There are a lot of pre-college oppertunities.
My overall experience was good. It had its bad days but the good days outweigh the bad. You can take a variety of classes such as dance, band, photography, etc. I would have liked if they would have hosted more school events to get the whole school involved.
My experience at potomac high school was very good. The teachers there were excellent and i learned alot being at that school for four years.
So far I haven't liked my experience because Potomac doesn't offer a lot of resources for students, as well as many programs for advanced students.
I like the some of the teachers at Potomac. For the most part most of the teachers care about their students and want to see them pass their class, graduate, and succeed. The teachers are real with you and do not sugar coat anything about the real world. However, the work is not very challenging, and the students are treated like elementary schoolers. Some teachers do not teach and despite the students letting the Principal and Administrators know, nothing happens. The students aren't motivated and disrupt the classrooms by being loud in the hallway, thus making the learning environment hard to learn in. We have limited resources, and few working computers making online work hard to do.
Potomac High School is definitely different from others. There's a mixture of African American culture and Hispanic culture. There isn't much diversity in races but some students are open to the new exposure. Sports are a big thing at Potomac and give Potomac it's nice reputation. Teachers are pretty dedicated to students, a few more than others. There are more students who need motivation and some who are on a decent track. Academics can be challenging, depending on the teacher. College readiness should be a main focus and strength but it isn't. There are a few programs that help students to get involved such as First Generation College Bound, Upward Bound, and Incentive Awards Program. Activities are done by the Student Government and National Honor Society which are both fairly active. Overall, the school needs a few adjustments in the academic area and college readiness area. It is a pretty fun and welcoming school.
My teacher were alright. Some were more dedicated than others, but overall I graduated knowing more than I expected.
Health and safety at this school is ok. Security comes very quickly when called to an incident and acts quickly. The nurse is ok. I haven't really been there a lot.
Extracurriculars are great. The basketball team and football and both very great sports and was a great team. Every extra curriculum here is well organized. Everybody works together as a team.
My overall experience at Potomac high school was great. I met a lot of great people who I still communicate with today. I even miss some of the teachers and administrators there. We were all like one big happy family. Of course we had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we were all together as a team. All of my friends and I made sure that everyone was on the right track and on their best behavior. All of my friends got accepted to multiple colleges and so did myself and will be attending school in the fall. If I could start over and go to another school, I wouldn't because of the wonderful experience I had.
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I think the teachers at Potomac high school are overall ok. Some teachers are better than others. There are some teachers who actually takes their job serious and care about the students education and future. Then there are some teachers who only cares about themselves. Some teachers will go out of there way to help a student is struggling bring up their grade or give them the extra help they need. But I think the teachers are overall good.
The health and safety policies at school are good and well followed the staff and students take precaution.
The clubs and organizations at the school are good there just needs to be more money invested into them.
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