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If you have the right mindset to effectively learn and enjoy school, this place is pretty great. There are kinds of people to be around with a vast amount of diversity that the school is proud of. It is a school I regret going to.
I like Potomac Falls high School. The History and English teachers are amazing. The thing I would like to see is a mindful use of the school funding.
In my time at Potomac High, I enjoyed the creative and outgoing nature of the students and the friendliness of the teachers.
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Been going to Potomac for 2 years and it is an ok school to go to. The teachers and staff are very nice.
There is a lot of diversity at Potomac. However, I wish there were more challenging classes that students could take.
The teachers are very nice and helpful. They always push you to succeed and are very good with helping you pass their class. They do anything they can to help you pass and get good grades. The students are very friendly and you can befriend honestly anyone in the school. The counselors are great as well. They give very good advice in regards to colleges and opportunities. To be honest my counselor has helped me very much in regards to colleges and without her i’d honestly wouldn’t know what to do.
I am proud to say i go to Potomac, although it may not be the best high school, i definitely had a great 4 years here! The culture and diversity here is so grand and i absolutely take pride in that. I hope to see Potomac continue growing, continue it's mission on getting kids into college and pushing kids to their full potential in class.
A diverse school. Great clubs. Even though the admin team is kind of tough sometimes they tend to back their reasons up. The teachers are kind but some are tough just like admin. Potomac senior high school also has the Cambridge Program, which offers AICE course classes. I personally am not a fan of it; most students just take it for the GPA boost. The school does offer a few AP classes: government, statistics, and some that are online (virtual Virginia). Overall, I've had a great experience at Potomac. I have made many good friends, memories, and unbreakable bonds with other people.
There’s so many things I would love to see change but I am graduating very soon. I hope in the future the technology will be more advanced and that class sizes can minimize for maximum help.
Potomac senior High School, is a diverse school filled with students that either ready to learn or is there because they have to. I am a normal student that is just in the middle, the teachers you know loves to reach but at the same they can get lazy once after lecturing.
I wish Potomac had better food, more qualified teachers, and better curriculum for all subjects. Our school's food is not at all nutritious, as prison food has a higher nutrition content. Our teachers hardly know the subjects more than the students they teach, and the curriculum is focused on areas of the subjects that will not help students later in life. However, I believe the students are what make Potomac great. Our collective disdain for school causes us to feel connected.
At Potomac high school, I like how there’s a certain atmosphere, in-which one finds themselves being welcomed and greeted. What I’d like to see change would be more of a focus on the lesser known sports, including crew and swim
I love Potomac Senior high school because its diverse. And there is awareness for issues. This helps bring togetherness. I like all the Aice classes because it prepares you for college. There teachers and staff are very nice and really help prepare people for college and other life experiences. I also love the clubs available because it exposes you to different things. It also gives you the opportunity to do community service.
The people have their flaws but some staff members do a good job listening to the students. I would change the lunch options. Even the teachers don't eat it.
Potomac is a good school with a lot of diversity. I love how many shades you can see in the school and there a genuine teachers that want to help.
I like that this school is very diverse. Something I do not like is sometimes the hallways can get really crowded
I like Potomac spirit and connection between the students and teachers .The changes i would like to see is better involvement into more activities and sports game
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It is a very diverse school with a lot of school spirit! Students get involved with the sports teams, especially football, basketball and track which are the strongest teams.
potomac honestly doesn't deserve the bad rep it gets , I came in thinking it was exactly as people had perceived it but it was not at all , I got along well the students , I am doing in well in my academics , I think it's mostly the staff and administration that really keeps the school in check , not saying theirs are not any problems which every school has, but for the most parts it's a good school
I like the school then again I don’t, some of the teachers are really great but I honestly feel like some of the teachers pick on you it honestly depends on who you are.
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