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The people have their flaws but some staff members do a good job listening to the students. I would change the lunch options. Even the teachers don't eat it.
Potomac is a good school with a lot of diversity. I love how many shades you can see in the school and there a genuine teachers that want to help.
I like that this school is very diverse. Something I do not like is sometimes the hallways can get really crowded
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I like Potomac spirit and connection between the students and teachers .The changes i would like to see is better involvement into more activities and sports game
It is a very diverse school with a lot of school spirit! Students get involved with the sports teams, especially football, basketball and track which are the strongest teams.
potomac honestly doesn't deserve the bad rep it gets , I came in thinking it was exactly as people had perceived it but it was not at all , I got along well the students , I am doing in well in my academics , I think it's mostly the staff and administration that really keeps the school in check , not saying theirs are not any problems which every school has, but for the most parts it's a good school
I like the school then again I don’t, some of the teachers are really great but I honestly feel like some of the teachers pick on you it honestly depends on who you are.
friendly, small community school with a small amount of students with the highest graduation rate in prince William county Virginia. has a lot of school spirit, parent involvement and the facility and staff always attentive in helping students reach the next level of there education.
I have to say from personal experience PHS is a wonderful school. We have had terrific teachers and even experienced a sexual Harassment case with my child . I contacted the school Counselor director and principal and it stopped immediately and made sure proper action was taken. My child enjoys being at school and have learned a lot. To us, aside from the last Counselor that was assign to my child (now fired) , as she could not get my daughter grades in the system on time. Overall great school, safe and terrific teachers! Thanks for making us feel like family. The Principle is great and the security guards are always watching out for my child.
I love Potomac High School. The teachers, administrations, and other staff are all ready to help you with anything you need. If they can't help, they will guide you to someone who can. The school is well kept and the counselors are super helpful in what one should do to prep for college. My school also offers Cambridge courses which is cool because I and others get to experience the Cambridge courses.
My experience at Potomac has been a positive one. I feel that you will get out of school what you put in to it. I have stayed active in sports and clubs. This has allowed me to make relationships with my peers and teachers. If I could improve one thing at my school it would be school spirit and pride.
The main reason why I like this school is because it's small and easier to navigate than other schools. Most of the teachers that I had were nice and very helpful in helping me to understand the subjects.
The education there is great and students provide a great environment. But the teachers are excessively strict and rude, this school has a false reputation of the students being bad but theyre not and its like the teachers believe this flase reputation so are strict.
Potomac was avery diverse school . This was a school where everyone fit in nicely and no one felt like an outsider .
The school has felt like a second home to me during the past 3 years I've been there. I have made close friends and met some adults that have mentored me through my high school career. school culture is great and very strong. The This is due to the diversity the school has. Many different backgrounds, races, and sexualities are represented at the school. The curriculum at the school provides a challenge and still remains interactive and fun. The only gripe I have with the school is Cambridge and AICE program it has. Instead of AP or IB classes, our school has AICE classes. They are the same difficulty if not harder than AP and IB classes but it is a British program so few colleges in the U.S. accept it. This causes me and the other students at the school to miss out on possible college credits and scholarship opportunities. If I had one suggestion for my school it would be to ditch this program and adopt an AP or IB program, or have more AP classes available to students.
My experience with Potomac High was not anything special. The administration let kids get away with disrespecting their teachers, and are not very forthcoming to help with a student’s schedule.
I honestly love the sports and connections I made, Some of which I'll never forget in my life. It helped me change in a better way. Things could be better if the school took certain criteria more serious.
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Teachers, staff and students at Potomac are very uplifting, helpful and supportive among one another. There is a great sense of family and a place for each person.
This school is a very good place to get a high school education, despite what other people in the county think. We have a bad connotation about us, because there are a lot of fights at our school. The teachers and security take control very well however, and the overall academics of the school are very good, and resources are in great abundance.
I loved my school very much because there was great diversity. I loved mostly all my teachers there and enjoyed it while I was there.
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