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I’m a junior In potomac Falls High School 2018-2019. The environment is a nice place to put your kids in. The teachers are somewhat great. Some of them don’t put in your grades right away; but If they don’t, don’t worry you just have to go talk to them or your counselor.

The things I would change in that school is the spirit. We need more spirit at games, pep rally even around the school with spirit wear.
I really loved the environment here and the teachers that I had were amazing. After leaving this high school I can definitely say I learned so much from this school that I will be taking with me further on in the future. I’ve met many great people at this school and joined many fun and new clubs. I even started a few clubs myself and enjoyed the process of making it.
As a freshman, I didn't know what to expect from Potomac Falls High School. Sure, many upperclassmen have told me stories about it, but after attending from three years, I didn't expect what the outcomes were going to be. My three years of high school have been no where close to what other people have told me. Looking back at it, the main reason why my experience wasn't like theirs was because I joined clubs. Freshmen year, I did some clubs, the clubs that were mostly popular with a lot of students signed up, but going into sophomore I realized exactly how many clubs my school had to offer, and that was a lot! I went all out doing clubs sophomore year, and although it's not something I recommend for everyone, it's actually worth trying. Potomac Falls High School isn't exactly what other people told me what it was going to be, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and make friends with the people I knew that would make it enjoyable for me while still guiding me in the right path.
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Potomac Falls is a good school with a variety of opportunities for unique students. Between our competitive sports, multitude of clubs, and some of the best teachers in the state (in my opinion), Potomac Falls is a school that helps their students find somewhere they are successful.
the school had a very different environment compared to my previous schools i attended. teachers and other staff members were very kind and helpful. I've learned a great deal of skills i hadn't known before whilst attending Potomac falls high school.
The school engages their students with a variety of events held during school hours and off of school hours.
potomac falls is a diverse school with many clubs and activities. The teachers range from very good to ok but definitely give you enough experience needed for college.
Potomac Falls High School is an awesome community high school. The students and staff live in the same community and several of the teachers were previous students of the school. There are several diploma types , ranging from general to advanced, which allows students the flexibility to curtail their education to meet their needs. In addition, there are numerous social activities, such as clubs, band and theater, that students can participate in. Winning sport teams are a big part of the school's rich history. The school lunch menue is not the best but there are healthy options students can chose from.
The school is good but the other students are something else. There's a reason why it has the nickname Pot Falls.
I was there for about 2 and a half years. I'm not gonna lie I liked and hated it at the same time. I had my fair share of great teachers and horrible teachers. Overall, I had an okay experience and I'm so glad I've graduated.
I like the sense of community our school has and that we are very connected with businesses and activities outside of our school which translates back into the school and creates a well-rounded learning environment. I wish our school was more spirited and that every teacher took the time to help each student achieve their full potential, not just some.
What I liked most about Potomac Falls were the relationships I built with my teachers and other faculty. They aren't there just to teach but to also mentor us with an problems we face. The teachers are very invested in their students and take time to get to know each and every one.
Good school with okay teachers. I had a good time here, but the administration, mostly the guidance counselors made choosing classes and preparing for college very stressful. I had to most things on my own, without their help. Potomac Falls is a very spirited school with good teachers and great sports!
Potomac Falls High School is filled with faculty members who genuinely care about the success of their students. Unfortunately, the school is fighting a large drug problem. Illegal substances are bought and sold within the school, and many students come to class high or drunk. Another prominent issue at Potomac Falls is violence among the students. One day this school year, there were six fights in one day, one of which resulted in a student being sent to the hospital with a school fracture and broken nose after she was brutally beaten by two other girls. The administration is trying to get this situation under control, but they are yet to have true success.
My experience with Potomac Falls is average due to the lack of attentiveness of the counseling staff. When one thinks of school counselors, they think of someone who will guide you in your educational decisions, but in my case, I only saw my counselor when trying to send out my transcripts. Potomac Falls counselors lack relationships with the students. One thing I would improve within the school is the communication between the staff and the students.
The school itself is numbingly mediocre. There are some EXCELLENT teachers here, primarily in the English and History departments, and there are some TERRIBLE teachers here. Academics are decent but heavily stress out students, who will not be able to get into any colleges with much less than a 4.0. Student life is nothing incredible, but it's there if people are interested. The students at this school make the general environment moderately unsafe, but not much more than a "normal school." Overall, there is absolutely nothing special about PFHS, and students really will wake to the "real world" once graduating.
Potomac Falls High School in Loudoun County is a good high school in term of class availability. There are many AP and Dual Enrollment classes for students to take. Those classes can get students college credits for no cost.
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I liked attending Potomac Falls High School because the teachers that i received were very good. Although, only a few can actually connect with the students. There were some problems at the school such as, no school spirit, very diverse in a non-civil way, and the administration office is very rude to students. The school tries too hard to become a unit and I think that kills the point of people getting along. The academic part of the school is good but the social side needs some work.
School was not very diverse for my race; I felt awkward and out of place because not many people looked like me. Lots of judgement and profiling among students and teachers. Overall , very affluent area with good education for those in area .
Potomac Falls High School is such a great school with teachers who went there and then returned back to teach. Because there is an atmosphere that is very inviting and also challenging. There are so many ways to get involved, in no matter what you want to do. There are many different social groups that are including and helpful in letting you know what to do.
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