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Potlatch Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like the small town feel of the school. I feel that the state of Idaho has given a lot opportunities for kids to learn more outside their school district offering IDLA dual credit classes from other schools or colleges across the state of Idaho. I want to go to Boise State University and in the choice of classes I can take they have accepted those college credits.
Has some very good teachers. However, the school's resources are somewhat limited, but that is changing. Overall, very successful academically for its size and funding.
Great small school! Has a narrow variety of activities for kids to do. Great music program. Classes are small so the kids get to know one another well
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The school itself has limited course options and many of them are easy, so most students take at least one online class.
Sports include football, volleyball, cross country, cheer, wrestling, basketball, softball, track/field, and baseball. Clubs include STEM, art, knowledge bowl, band/choir, FFA, BPA, and FCCLA.
Despite its limited resources, the school does a great job compared to other similar local schools. It is a good place to attend.
Definitely depends on the teacher. Some are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care about the students and their futures. A few should be taking the class, not teaching it. However, they are a minority.
My school is rather safe, but also it helps that it's out in the middle of nowhere. Our health programs and faculty are great at what they do, and our police officers are very on top of things and definitely get their jobs done.
We have several sports and extracurricular activities and clubs in our school. The three biggest organizations we have are FCCLA, BPA, and FFA.
I think that so far I've had a pretty average and healthy experience at my high school. Being that its a very small community there really isn't much exclusion or anything like that, which is nice.
Overall teachers in my school care about their students. I think that sometimes students in schools get the impression that the teachers are just there for the money, but you can generally tell that's not the case with teachers at my school.
Some teachers are awesome but they are very limited and t they Are put in the shadows because a large portion of our teachers don't care.
There are many things to do but not very many kids participate in them,making it difficult the have much support in the group
Many students do not take school seriously
The administration could be more willing to help the students. They seem to be there more for the paycheck rather than to help the students succeed in school and strive to be their best.
The sports and fitness seems to be a priority over academics at this school. Coaches also tend to be unfair to students and the quality of the coaches is ok but it could be way better. Students also do not take a sport seriously and abuse their priveliges on the teams.
This school is old and outdated. Many past students have abused our facility, so it has aged over the years with wear and tear. We have a lot of old equipment as well.
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We get corndogs, tator tots, and quick easy things that we can go to our house and eat. School lunches consist of three things most days. It consists of the main dish, side, milk and optional fruit or veggie. Most of the food we get is processed and made with fillers and not real fresh food. A lot of it is frozen for a month in advance before we end up eating it.
Most teachers are knowledgeable. They take the time to explain things to the students. It feels like the science classes are more like art classes sometimes and not enough hands on experiments.
Online classes provide many dual credit courses.
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