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I like the atmosphere in Poth. We are known for our sport success and academics. Our teachers help students as much as they need help. Our school also has many clubs that students can be apart. One thing that I wish would change is more classes that will benefit towards what students want to be in college
Poth High School is your average small town school in Texas. Some of the teachers are very helpful and know what they are doing, while you can tell that others are the exact opposite. The original building is very old, and is nearly falling apart.
It has been great. Close community, involved in a lot. Known for volleyball. Know everyone, people and teachers are nice.
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Poth High School has wonderful staff members and they all have great relationships with the kids. Something I would change would be a looser dress code and the ability to have sodas at the school.
Poth High school was a very small, close knit community and allowed students to connect with classmates, teammates, and most importantly teachers. The small community location of the school always made me feel welcome and I got to go to school and grow up with the same people all twelve grades. Poth has been a wonderful school to attend, with great school spirit, friendly teachers, and many facilities offered to the students. Although, Poth is great, I would like to see more classes being offered. Poth is such a small school that we are limited to what the school can offer. Also, I would like to see perhaps renovations to our old building. Overall, Poth ISD has been a great school.
I moved to Poth High School the beginning of my freshman year. It was a change that I very much needed. The change that I loved was being in a smaller and closer community. My graduating class has only 79 students total, which is very small when looking at other schools, so it means that I know everyone and everything about them. At times, it was not great to be so close to each other, but when looking towards the future I found that being able to have a class that does everything together is something I would not change for the world. I made many new friends that I now call family and I have been able to experience the lovely adventure of high school with. If there is anything I would change it would be hygiene of our school. No school is perfect, but since we live in the middle of the country and are very small there many mice, snakes, and dogs that roam around our school.
At this school, it is overall pretty good.
The teachers at my school are beyond amazing. There is always one that will help me with my problems on my class work.
The school gives you a wide variety of clubs and encourages kids to join and partake in events that happen with the club.
I went to this school since I was in Kindergarten and all this school has done was just get better.
These teachers are kind, friendly, and get their work done.
Most of the time I feel safe, but it does weird me out when I get random emails about stuff I didn't know was going on.
There are ALOT of different things students can participate in at this school!
I love going to school here because it seems very organized and easy getting around. I also love it because mostly everyone is very welcoming and personable.
All around the teachers are great! Iv had a few that I did not like at all, but other than that Iv been happy!
If you are willing to work hard you will excel in your education.
It was a good school, and the teachers were great for the most part, but it wasn't perfect. A lot of things slipped through the administration that should not have.
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Most of the facilities are well worn, but are of great quality. For being a small school, the weight room and fields are in great condition.
Like all schools, there are good teachers and not so good teachers. This school has been lucky enough to get a majority of good teachers who actually care about their students and jobs.
There are the general clubs that every school has (I.e. Science club, Book club..) and there are a few in common clubs for its size category. The organizations here are very close and have great lead teachers and students. The only cons in these clubs would be the lack of funding. It's decent, but the money is spread pretty thin between ALL the organizations.
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