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Overall for the past four years,it has been great. There are a lot of changes us students would want to happen at our school. Everyone is super nice and friendly.
I don't know what I like about it. It feels like a normal school nothing different nothing new. Everything has been the same for the past year that I've been here. You don't really get homework so I guess that's a plus to everything. the lunch I feel is the same for ever school and that is nasty.
I really enjoyed the environment that I was placed in. It made it easy for me to make friends, while also balancing the acts of school work. If I could improve anything it would have to be the dedication among students. My reason for this is that students tend to grow uninterested in topics as they age, and I feel as if I would want to change that in order to excite them for their near to distant futures.
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I like the motivation support that the staff and teachers give their students on a daily basis. Although it's not the most popular district it is definitely one of the most personal.
A very humble, friendly school district who does as much as they can for their students and faculty.
My experience at poteet high school have been a crazy two years with my academics and my sports its been a lot to juggle.The teachers/coaches and students make my life a little bit easier by being by my side when things get difficult and im greatful for them.
I like poteet high school it very well-coming. I been here in poteet I been very nice. They take grades very serious and also test. The only thing I would probability change is the way sometime they handle things.
I enjoy the atmosphere and knowing I can have a one on one conversation with a teacher that will help me out in my learning life. You start to connect with teachers, students, and staff so quickly it just starts to feel like home. It was a good way to surround myself with people who where looking out after me to better my education and achieve my life time goals because of Poteet High School I am now focused on my further success in life and with the help of a trust worthy staff who made it possible for me to be able to achieve the goals I have set to accomplish. Also needed to be added is all the extra activities that poteet had to better my future. in High School I believe I learned more than I will in a life time not just on my education but in my personal life and dedications I will make
When there is even a slight conflict between students for any reason, the student's like to argue both physically and verbally.
The academics offered at this school are just enough for students. Scheduling is easy but sometimes the work does get hard.
Poteet High School does try to make the students feel safe. There are police, security cameras, and Identification cards needed in just about every event.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are decent. This school only has things that is required and not many things that students could go out of their way for. The thing this school has most of its attention on is the athletes.
The parents at this school do care about their kids but there is a greater percentage of parents that do not care. Parents in this community influence their children greatly by what they do which is something I do not feel they are aware of. Kids push themselves to do better here, so they can get out of this town and have better in their futures.
The high school and junior high school share the same nurse. If there is an emergency at the high school, students have to wait for her to return. It's an inconvenience. I personally do not feel very safe at my high school. There is very little safety procedures. Police show up very late after a fight has occurred. If something drastic were to happen, I'm very unsure of how everyone would react.
My overall experience at Poteet High School was not the best. The counselor would change my schedule without any notice and take me out of honor classes. They would not listen to me as a student. Instead of hearing my request for a schedule change, I would have to have my parents visit the counselor. I had tried to be an independent student preparing myself for college by talking to who I need to, but they would treat me as if I were still in middle school. As a high school senior, I would have appreciated some respect for the interest in my future.
Most teachers do not submit grades on time. Students may ask for their current grade to check how they are doing in the class, but many will say they have not entered assignments. Teaching styles are difficult for a majority of the students. Almost all of my classmates will say they have no idea what the lesson was over. The teachers have an excellent knowledge of the information, but have a difficult time explaining it to the students. Some teachers will encourage their students to continue their education in college, but many will never mention it. The communication skills are very weak. Only a select amount of teachers will have hours for students to receive tutoring before or after school. The only time that is available is during the class period a student assigned.
Everyone at the school is in some type of extra curricular activity
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I would go to this school because of the overall experience it is great in every area athletics, Fine Arts, etc.
The teachers are very dedicated and want the best out of their students.
My overall experience at my school has been "ok". My favorite experience was when our school had a perfect attendance incentive. We had a lot of cool games and huge attractions for us to enjoy. What makes our school unique is that we are the Aggies, a farmer. We have lot of people say our school is dumb and always loses, but I believe we are headed to excellence. We will prove everybody wrong. I would choose this school again because Ive learned that things are not going to get handed to you. You have to be the change you want to see.
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