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Poteet has been a wonderful high school. I feel as a school we are a very accepting, friendly, and successful school academically and competitively. Our sports teams are not only successful but get involved in a lot of community service, as do most of our organizations. Our school however is not in the best condition and although many Mesquite Isd schools got updated and expanded on this year, Poteet did not. The bathrooms are falling apart and often have many problems. Almost all of our teachers truly have a passion for teaching and want their children to excel however there are a few teachers who are only there to coach and are not really fit to be in the education aspect of teaching. But overall I am glad I went to this high school its where I met some amazing people and found my passion.
The teachers are not flexible in tutoring times. They do not consider that as students we are human and have lives juss like they do. Also, one of the teachers I had snatched a paper out of my hand because I gave it to her at the "wrong time"( I gave it to her after class). Aside from the negative aspects the good things are you get to have a early release period when you are a junior and senior, there are a lot of senior events and cool clubs and activities.
When I started Poteet High I already had someone who could help me find classes. Although there was always someone who you could count on to help a incoming freshman star there high school experience. Through out my year at Poteet High School we had build a unbreakable bound between us. Like the song say “for ever Poteet high”
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This school bleeds green. There is great pride and honor in this amazing high school. The knowledge you gain from these intelligent teachers takes you further in life.
The highschool has helped me pursue my career and helped me grow as not only a highschool student but a future college student. The teachers care about the success of the students and it is a great environment to spend 4 years of education at.
Poteet is a very school spirit driven campus! Activities are centered around our football and marching band, which make everyone look forward to before school pep rallies and Friday night games. A lot of recognition is placed on AP classes and the school provides many oppportunities for students to have fun while increasing their knowledge.
Poteet is a great school all around. However, the teachers there are average at best (save for math teachers. Most notably is Mr. Castle, the math teachers are incredible and deserve a raise) and absolutely horrific at worst.
I like how diverse it is. Most of the staff and teachers I've encountered genuinely care about their students. Always going for excellence, helping those that need it, and trying to utilize the individual minds of their students- because that is just as important in their academics.
The School is the only school I went to. The teachers were good on every grade level. We had one of the best bands in the state. Our football team made the playoffs every year. The counseling office was very open and helpful with goals for after graduating high school.
I think that the College readiness aspect of the school could really be worked on. I also think that There should be more of a focus of a life after high school rather than only pushing college. College is not for everyone and I feel like there should be more opportunities to allow individuals to be better prepared for a working world outside of high school.
It was alright but it really depended on the teachers you had. Make sure to ask around and work hard to get teachers that fit your learning style.
I loved how helpful and understanding the teachers are of students having other classes, activities outside of school. All teachers offering tutoring, and all teachers want their students to succeed.
My experience at Poteet High has had it's up and downs. For the most part, teachers and staff try their best to fit your needs and help. At times though, in advanced classes, it is hard to grasp full knowledge on subjects because the pre-ap/ap teachers do not often take class time to teach. I guess this is their way of preparing us for when college comes. Our sports teams are not the best in the district but our athletes work very hard. Our arts is our strong talent. Our band and choir always manage to get to state and our actual photographers, painters, drawers, and sculptors are full of talent. We also have musicians that have formed groups. As for our clubs and groups, they are very well organized and have built many fundraisers over the course of the school year.
I see many opportunities in my high school that are generally available to all students, but advanced academic courses are not encouraged by teachers that are not involved in Honors, AP, Dual Credit, or other opportunities. Those students that are already involved in these programs are encased in a social bubble while the other students sit in an entirely different environment academically.
I love being in the band program because of how much effort and dedication everyone puts into it, students and teachers. Although that program is great, many of the other fine arts are underfunded and suffer from that. A lot of the money that Poteet receives goes into our sports teams, but they still are not great. The administrators are decent except for one that is not great at delegating issues and sometimes resolves in unfair treatment of students. The lunch is always awful and occasionally has mold or maggots in some items. That is definitely where it lacks. I love the amount of diversity in Poteet because it is very representative of the real world where as some schools have a very distinct majority. Poteet is also very inclusive where there students and always fair treatment, no matter the race, religion, and other factors.
We were not taught valuable life skills. They did not properly prepare me for college. They did not properly teach me my subjects. They were more focused on passing STAR than the class.
I had a great four years while at poteet high school. I gravitated towards the amazing staff who was always there for me and wanted to accel in and outside the classroom. The push for ap classes helped learn how to study effectively and get ahead in school. I was involved with Rotc and band. Both programs taught valuable life lessons and molded me into the person i am today. Now onto the food ,the worst part, this food was absolutely terrible and wasn't even healthy. The food had mold on it,so i started eatting lunch from home. All in all Poteet high school is one of the great high schools in america hands down.
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The teachers are great. They want to see all of their students succeed. The school has the highest grades in the whole district for high schools.
I love the fact that my high school offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations. This gives each and every student an opportunity to participate in the school climate/culture. I would love to see the dress code policy changed.
Poteet High School is an amazing school for academics and sports. The teachers at Poteet will stress themselves out just to help their students pass. They will stay after school until six o’clock if they needed to. The only thing I would change at Poteet is the peprallys. Nobody really gets in to them anymore. It’s always the same thing. Other than that, Poteet is an amazing school to attend.
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