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I like the friendly and open makes me feel welcomed and lets me preform better as a student
I think Poteau High School is a very open, nice school. Everyone is really nice to each other, the teachers care about their students, the police department cares about the safety of all the students and staff here.
I love how strict our school is on school safety such as assigned parking spots. That way crashes are nonexistent. Cell phones are prohibited during class hours which helps the us focus more on the lesson and not on social media. Last school year our cafeteria food was unbearable and not very fulfilling, this school year we have better portions, more fruit variety, and better quality of food. The teachers her are very hands on and help with whatever problem a student has. As a senior with tons of questions I don’t have to look too far for help. After writing an essay for college or scholarship applications I can go to one of many English teacher to assist me in ways I can make it better.
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Poteau High School is definitely one of the better schools in that area, but still has room to grow. Over the years I have spent here, I've noticed things slowly being changed for the better. There are plenty of sports activities to choose from, and the fine arts courses are starting to really shine. Recently, we have received more laptops to use in school, and we now offer a few online classes. Most of the teachers do a good job at helping the students grow, and most students seem ready to learn. I've only noticed a few problems among my peers, but those problems are usually handled.
The classes and teachers I have had (all except one) have not prepared me for college and the curriculum is a mess. The buildings and spaces we work in are old and outdated, and we don't have any modern technology just worn textbooks. The football and wrestling center along with the new turf field is where the raised money goes. Very little is done for the fine arts, whereas the sports programs are well taken care of.
I liked some of the teachers, just not the students. They are very stuck up and also their resources aren’t the best. Old books, computers also are old and cheap.
My experience at Poteau High School has been a very interesting ride. My schedule was changed twice in 30 minutes! The teachers are very nice and my instructors are focused on helping us learn. Some teachers are wary of me, but they still try their best to help me learn. We also have off-campus lunch which is fantastic!
I have went to Poteau High School since my sophomore year. I moved from Wister Public Schools. There are major differences in the schools. First Poteau is a much larger school than Wister. This results in less one on one connect with students. This can lead to kids getting behind. Poteau’s sports is not evenly supported. Poteau is a football town and the other sports mostly are forgotten. The food in the cafeteria is not good.
I would like to see more emphasis put on education rather than sports. To much time was spent worrying about the next football game, but what lasts? Sports or an education. I did like the open campus lunch though.
I have loved my time at Poteau High but i would like to see more diversity, and clubs. As well as better teachers, academics, and college readiness. I would have rated the food but because of the open campus lunch I have never ate in the cafeteria.
What I like most about PHS is that we are a family. No matter what grade or activities you're involved in, we are a family. We had a teacher killed in an accident this year; everyone was there for each other. They are slowly making improvements. Right now they are installing new lockers for everybody. I wish we could have updated text books. Other than that, there isn't much I'd want to change. The teachers are all amazing. They connect to the students on a personal level.
Poteau High School is pretty shoddy in my opinion. We attempt to cover up our ancient books and teachers with fake school spirit and red paint. Most of the teachers are pretty lousy as well. The band program is great though.
Poteau high school does not prepare you for college what so ever at all. Students are rude, teachers aren't very helpful
Its an exceptional school with kind teachers and students. Poteau High has a tremendous amount of school spirit.
I never felt challenged at this school. It was easy to slack off and get an A.
This school lacks diversity and culture. It consists of mostly white people and culture.
If it were not for the fine arts program, I would have felt lost.
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Even though I did not fully enjoy my experience at this school, it has shaped me into the person I am today.
Some of the teachers at the school are warm and welcoming. Some are rude and hostile.
They have extracurricular activities most schools supply.
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