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I love my school, I loved the building and the amazing teachers. The only thing i wish i could change would be some of the attitudes of the students. But of course you can't change the negativity. students will find something to complain about. But i love my school and love showing my school pride!
It was a decent school but they changed principle too much, teachers were drinking alcohol in class and fights were always breaking out.
Poston Butt High School is not a great school, but it also isn't the worst. I graduated with honors at the top 10% of my class, as a result of their AP classes and program. Some of the teachers are fantastic and really care about the students. Others don't. It's not bad, though.
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Poston Butte is a very culturally diverse school that offers many opportunities to prepare for the future. Their facilities and operations do the job in preparing students for their own aspirations. It was a great school, and I’m proud of what it has become. I’m glad I can say that I was and will forever be a bronco.
I just graduated from Poston Butte on Thursday day and I gotta say this school had it's ups and downs but overall it's a great school. I was fortunate enough to have fantastic teachers all fours years ,each of them helping me expand my knowledge and grow my confidence. The facilities aren't that great but we get by, it's not entirely the schools fault. The administration and staff always try to make the best out of any situation that was thrown our way. My sister is know going to attend Poston as a freshman and I know they will take care of her and guide her to the right path for a great future.
Wonderful teachers and campus but it can be very unorganized. The class bells only worked half the time.
I moved to Arizona about 2 years ago and I was scared to start at a new school. They were all so nice and very helpful. I met some great friends that I think may be friends with me way after high school. I played girls basketball there and it was the greatest experience I have ever had. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. The type of environment that was created there was so welcoming, loving, and a great time overall. They are family. I would recommend this school.
I liked how I was able to join so many different organizations and gain friendships that I still have today. I would like to see a change in teachers that cared more about their students and were capable of going above and beyond.
Poston Butte is a school based on learned and involvement. The culture of the school is very diverse, there is something for everyone on campus. There are so many ways to get involved, but something that would make the school better is if teachers got involved as much as students. Many of the teachers come to school to get a pay check and do not enjoy their job. I feel the student-teacher relationships could be way better.
Poston Butte is filled with teachers with priorities that don’t usually include their students’ well-being. There are teachers that don’t care about your future, but there are a few teachers that stand out, because they care. Most of the teachers I’ve had care enough, but few care so much. These few have fought me further than I could imagine, and will continue to help me prosper, because that’s what their priority is. It isn’t the school that’s helping me, it’s those few teachers that will go above and beyond for me. Poston Butte is lucky to have them.
The academic experience is very beneficial, as the teachers teach the subjects well and you are not overwhelmed.
Poston Butte high school is a very friendly and kind school. We have plenty of different programs that students enjoy here. The teachers at this school are very kind and helpful, they actually care about their students and help as much as possible.
Poston Butte High School has given me the opportunity to grow and flourish in a comfortable setting. It is a place where I can be both creative and outspoken. The teachers at Poston Butte are very supportive and encourage students to reach their goals and never to give up on their dreams and aspirations. It is sometimes hard for teens in this day and age to feel comfortable and have an open outlet but Poston provides clubs and activities for all students to enjoy.
Poston Butte wasn't your Average school. Everyone got along with Everyone. Of course drama happened but cliques weren't really a thing.
This high school is your average high school that could have been great if it had more funding. The teachers are another story. Some of great, while the rest put no effort into their class. The counselors here don't do a very good job either. Unless you want a schedule change, you're on your own. Vaping and drugs are a huge problem here, so much so, they took some of the bathroom doors off. The only reasons I am going to this school a three-star rating and not a two or one, are due to the fact that the cubs and athletics are good. They have multiple clubs and sports to choose from, so any student has something.
I went to Poston Butte for all four years of my high school education. While I attended I saw 3 principal changes. From how it was when i started to now I can say that i feel like they have the right principal in charge their right now. That being Mr. Lopez. Mr. Lopez always walked around the halls with a smile on his face and engaged it conversations with students and faculty. I feel as if he made my high school experience much more enjoyable.
I went to Poston Butte High school for the 4 years of my high school career and I can say I've seen the good and the bad. I'll start with the good. Out of all the academic departments in the school I feel like the Mathematics department was amazing when I went there. Starting from Algebra to Trigonometry, some of the materiel the were hard for other students o comprehend in college was easy for me because I had the background knowledge in high school. Now, with the bad part of this school would the lack of passionate teachers.
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Most teacher's at Poston Butte High School only care about their job and don't do it for the students. They don't take the time to learn who their students are and have to focus on discipline due to the fact that the lousy parents out here don't discipline their own kids. With the exception of about 3 teacher and the counselors, the kids can't confide in anyone so they often have to revert to outside of the classroom and the teachers wonder why the students struggle inside of the classroom. The environment here is toxic and degrading. The administration doesn't do enough to the "bad kids" and make exceptions for students who they are fond of in the wrong ways.
i’ve only attended the school for a half semester. The school has been very interesting not only with the teachers but the type of students that’s in it. The classes I get to take and been very interesting and fun to learn about anatomy and physiology and personal finance. So far the year has been eventful and school activities for the seniors. I enjoyed getting my senior pictures in my cap and gown picture. I will be happy when I’m on my road to going to college.
I liked that at my school we are given a free period to catch up on homework. It is really convenient for those of us who are taking Advanced Placement courses. However, it seemed as if some teachers were not properly trained to teach some of their classes. Also, it was always hard to get in contact with my counselor because she wouldn't respond to emails and was hardly ever in her office. The staff did treat us well and you can tell that most of the teachers genuinely care about their students.
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