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I think Poston is a good school for being an average school. Most teachers care about you, resources for college is abundant. Honestly is you put you mind to it this place will be great, except the food of course.
Ultimately the teachers made my high school experience. More often than not, my encounters with administration have been difficult and have tried my patience.
This school just sucks in general and so does the freaking school district. I would rather go to a school in Wyoming than I would here. Overall everything about the schools here sucks and so do the people.Oof.
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Throughout the years the school has made many changes that makes the school better and better each year.
I have learned hard work is crucial for success during my time at Poston Butte High and overall its been a really good experience for me. I'm currently a senior and can't believe its already my final year in high school. My freshman year I joined the Jr. Varsity competition cheer team. As a team we worked really hard practicing, training together day in and out, and in result we made it to UCA Nationals in Florida. This was the first time in history that Poston Butte's cheer team made it to UCA Nationals. Sophomore year I decided to try out for the Varsity competition cheer team and made it. Again, hard work paid off for my cheer team and during my sophomore year we won the Arizona State Championship in the Varsity coed divison and than went to USA Nationals in Cailforna.
Many of the teachers were very caring about their students and their profession. However, others were noticably disinterested and were only interested in getting through the day and year. The school also has issues with funding and supplies.
Teachers were really nice and helpful, however, the clubs within the school were really scattered and hassled by Student Council who had to have lead within any school events even if it was not theirs and broadcasted it as their event.
Personally love the school overall. The teachers and staff are amazing. The teachers provide us students with help if needed and use there time after school to help my peers.
The best thing about Poston are the teachers that make you want to learn the material instead of just memorizing answers. Not every teacher is like this, but there are plenty of them that are.
What I like about poston is how everyone comes from different backgrounds and how we are all involved in something more than just school.
Good school and good teachers just lacking in resources the students are good for a public school but have a lot of school spirit the school itself is older but you can’t hardly notice the computer’s are all hand downs from other schools and are always breaking but that’s about it
I liked the fact that Poston Butte was a newer high school and we use laptops for a majority of our assignments making it easier to keep track of our homework and notes. The security at Poston Butte do an excellent job keeping an eye on the students and ensuring that we're in a safe environment. Most teachers are always available afterschool if you need extra tutoring or help with an assignment.
Poston Butte has really never been an enjoyable place to be. While the teachers there are nice, many of them fail in the teaching category and rather than being able to teach us in a way that accommodates a STUDENT’s understanding of a subject they teach in a way that makes it seem like they are just doing light reading for themselves. The students are decent, but many of them are intolerable and varying forms of drug users. The administration is frustrating to deal with majority of the time and places reputation above student education. If I would want anything to change it would start at the very top with the administration being exchanged for people who would rather see students succeed over or alongside athletes.
I like that the teachers at Poston are nice. I would like to see the lunches change though since it’s the same thing every week.
Poston butte is great the way it is, the administration and staff are amazing. As a student, going there has been a wonderful experience.
My experience was a good one, I was fortunate to make friends instantly. Going into my freshman year I moved to San Tan Valley from Pinetop, Arizona. My first day, I was nervous but the football team made me feel like I was already apart of their family. We instantly connected and that was before the school year even started so it was very comforting to know that I already have friends at a new school. I have been blessed to have had amazing teachers for my entire high school career, unfortunately I can’t say that for everyone. Poston hasn’t been known for anything good but for me I had it pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was that for such a big school, no one came out to play sports. I know that we have athletes because I see them in the halls but all of the team sizes are the bare minimum. I hope this changes in the near future because I want to see my school being successful.
The brick walls painted with faded orange and a creme holding 1,000+ students with many different personality's. The teaching and life lessons i have learned along my journey to graduation was the rockiest mountain i have climbed. One experience i have learned through Poston Butte was everyone comes different. I've meet many kids and some have similar personalities and I've learned with that is not everyone will try to fit in, some will stay them self and others will try to be apart of a clique and control the uncontrollable. I was a student that tried to control and fit in with a clique my freshmen year. As I've meet different students I've learned that they can be themselves and i still liked them, they didn't try to be different they were themselves and that's what i reflected on. Poston Butte is a very good school besides the few minor incidence with the news, I am proud to be a #BroncoStrong.
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I like how there a nice teachers, and how some students welcome each other. I would like to see more student involvement and more students being nice and respectful to others and teachers.
Very diverse and school culture is amazing, always welcoming! I am a senior and am apart of various clubs. I love going to school here and have made it a place to really call a home and the people in it a family. I wouldn't want to go to any other school in my district because they do not compare.
What I like about Poston Butte is all the teachers I have learned from. They inspire me to go after my dreams and to always do my best. They always check up on me and made sure that I am caught up in my classes. Also just the school as in a whole is amazing to the staff and the students there. Not only is that what i like about Poston, it is the programs they have for students. They have an amazing program called "Cavit" that lets you learn careers from Massage Therapy, to Nursing, and to law. The program i'm in right now is Massage Therapy and I love it! I will get my permit by the end of high school and start my career going into college. I couldn't have done it without Poston Butte and i'm glad to be part of their school.
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