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I’m a former student and I enjoyed my times at school. I really enjoyed playing sports and learning in class. I would change the staff including teachers because some them were only there for a check
It was a good school and a great experience. The teachers and the staff where great. I loved the way the school was set up was not hard to get to the classes.
I like that Post High School has a class for you to finish other classes early. I am glad that I was able to finish four classes in a matter of 4 months which made me able to leave school right at lunch. I am also glad that everyone at this school was very welcoming to me when I came here for my first and last year.
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I have been at PHS since Pre-K and I absolutely love it. I would love to see the education program change a little more.
My t experience at Post High School is really great. There are a few things that could change after I leave.
In my opinion, Post high school has done many things over the year to make sure the students that attend the school are getting the best and the most out of their time. The small school atmosphere really makes everyone feel welcome and everyone contributes to our successes in some way or another. From athletics, to one act play, to band and to our robotics team there is a place for everyone here so no one is left out. Having only about 15 students in each class makes it easier to learn. On top of this the teachers really work with the students here to make sure they really understand to prepare them for college. My experience at Post High School will forever impact my life in a positive way.
All in all, the teaching is somewhat good.
The teachers are fair and some are not realistic.
Their is quite a bit of peer pressure you hear conversations of kids going out on the weekends to drink, smoke, and more. Some kids even push others to come over and "party" with them.
The band program is ran very well and is great. The athletic program is fair for some but not for others the coaches have their favorites and do not give the others a chance. The one act play program is very fair and they are good to the ones in their program.
Some teachers do a great job of teaching the students. Then there are some who do not teach every well or will get off topic and talk about their home life.
I think this school is about average. Our school nurse is shared between the elementary, middle school, and high school, and she is not a very good nurse. Although the athletes have an excellent athletic trainer.
There are a variety of extracurricular activities offered here at the school. National Honors Society, Student Council, UIL, FFA, and 4-H are a few. Although hours should be dedicated to these clubs they are not. Many of the clubs meet during school hours once a month. I feel that the clubs should be more active to create more opportunities for students.
Post Independent School District has suited my personality very well. I love that it is a small close knit school. Everyone knows everybody and it makes it a better environment. If I could do it again I would choose this school, because it has worked out great for me and has shaped me into the student I am today.
We only have one nurse for our whole district, but our schools do all they can if a nurse is needed. Our schools have recently updated all the security throughout all the campuses and are now very safe for all students.
Post High School provides lots of extracurricular activities that can easily take up free time after schhol such as UIL, Theater, Photography, Engineering/Robotics, Yearbook, Art, Athletics, Photography, and cheerleading. My favorite programs are the Photography and Theater departments. National Honor Society, which I am the Treasurer of, is one of the only club and organization we have because of how small Post is.
My overall experience has been pretty great. I think what makes Post High School unique is how almost every teacher, parent, and people of the community attend school functions to support the students. Post High School is not a very big school and it always amazes me to see how big the crowds get, it is almost like the entire town goes.
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The teachers are very invested and passionate about students and their education. All of the teachers that I have had at Post High School have always made sure that I do my absolute best; they have also put my best interest before me and helped me pursue my dream of furthering my education.
My freshman and sophomore year I was in UIL Calculator and I enjoyed it. From my freshman year till now I have had amazing teachers.
At times the food can be great for everything, but it can also be for just a specific type of person or group.
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