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I liked how the teachers were always open to help when I did not understand and they would often stay after school to help. The teachers tried to connect with every student and get to know them.
My high school experience was not as great as many people led me to believe. I hated that the school cared a million times more about the sporting programs that the academic ones. I hate that even when a student works extremely hard for their grades they receive no recognition because they do not play a sport. I wished that my school would have taken the time to make the less athletic kids feel more welcome and appreciated.
Post Falls cares about money, graduations rates, and passing tests, not the student when it counts. There are some amazing teachers here who actually care about your well being but there are far too many who should be in your corner instead of kicking you when you're down. They don't enforce their "no bullying" rules very well. Also, if you're not in athletics then it's like you don't exsist. This school has lost sight of what really matters. I've found my strengths and how to stand on my own and it certainly wasn't with PFHS, they have claimed all of my success and the money for me this year, though they decided not to let me be a part of the graduating class. I've had four years of them handling things very poorly.
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I enjoyed my teachers and the drama and music programs at this school. I made great friendships within these programs and developed skills that have helped me after graduation.
The school is ok. Big lack of diversity and college prep assistance
The teachers are great overall and will help with learning and preparing for college. The administration, not so much.
I liked the multitude of classes offered to fit each students interest. I personally took advantage of the dual credit classes and entered college an entire semester ahead of everyone else. I also really enjoyed the art program and found it to be one of my hobbies. The classes taught me a lot about being an artist. I also was apart of two different sports at PFHS and both taught me time management skills, pushed me to work hard in everything I do, and taught me to appreciate other sports as well.
School offers a small town atmosphere while creating a learning environment full of opportunities for education.
I have loved my experience at Post Falls High School! I take all honors classes and have had outstanding teachers who have truly prepared me for college.
I didn't mind going to school here because the school was well maintained and the staff was super great. The students... Not so much. I did not enjoy the social atmosphere at my school. I witnessed a lot of bullying, and that is the one thing I would really like to change.
The sports teams at Post Falls are excellent. I do not eat the food.Parents get involved with school activities and getting things set up. The high schools college readiness is excellent. The bring in different colleges from time to time and the colleges talk about why you should apply and different things about them. The school also has different scholarship forms and papers so kids can go to college.
The school doesn't have a lot of school spirit, but the student body is very united. There is little to none bullying and being in the Honors Classes makes you cool. At the very least, being intelligent is not considered a negative towards your character. The teachers are very nice and fun as well. The only complaint is how little the principal participates or attends school events.
They expect so much from their students, but they do very little to prepare them for the reality and cruelness of the world .
My experience at Post Falls High School was very positive! I had teachers who were intentional about our education, yet always looking for ways to improve personal life. I was enrolled in extracurricular clubs and activities while getting a quality education.
Really kind and great teachers! I feel ready for college after my four years at this school. I enjoyed going to school at Post Falls High School.
Post Falls high school is an amazing school to go to, great teachers and staff. The only thing I would change is the Language Department. They need to get more languages.
I loved the teachers and their methods of teaching. The school offered many dual credit classes through North Idaho College or the University of Idaho. My only negative was they do not offer a study hall period.
I like how Post Falls High School has tons of options for many different people to pick from for sports, clubs, and other activities. However, thing I'd like to see changed is better options for food at lunch.
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The schools are ok, but the food is terrible. I wish they would have some more choices at the schools. The teachers are mostly great here ,and all in all not much to complain about.
Most teachers, students, and faculty at this school are respectful, engaged, and fun to be around, but the school is occasionally disorganized and does not receive adequate funds and resources.
I attended Post Falls High School from 2010 to 2014, and one of the most admirable qualities of the school were the teachers themselves. The teachers at Post Falls High School when I attended were some of the most passionate, humble, well-spoken, and helpful people that could be found in this small community. Teachers truly do have a tremendous impact on the youth of today, and the message that these teachers sent to us was to aim for success while helping others along the way. They helped prepare me for my future in college and pushed me to succeed, and the only thing that I could have asked for during my time at Post Falls High School would have been for a wider array of clubs and student activities in which I could participate.
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