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Small school where the classes range from 10-15 students and is perfect for those looking for small classroom sizes. Also each class usually has a paraprofessional to help those in need. However there are no sports to speak of however they do offer better assistance for those with special needs
Some teachers do their job with passion, others don't.
The food in the cafateria is shipped in from somewhere so it is all cold. It is also expensive for the food you get.
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the nurse is not there all day so its not as good as it should be. They are pretty strict on bullying. Visitors have to come in the front and sign in and if its after hours they have to buzz in.
The school used to be a batting cage complex. It is in good shape. The fitness gym is new. Parent involvement is pretty good, There are dances and activities. Each class room has a smart board. The bus only runs for kids that live in that district. I had to be driven or once old enough drove myself.
The academics are mostly core classes with you choosing internships.
I really don't have anything to compare it to. I have only done private or charter schools. I will say that the small classes helped to form real tight friendships with everyone in my grade and with the other grades.
My internship at the elementary school music class and my 11th grade collage intro to music class really helped me decide on a career in the music industry. Before that i had no idea what i wanted to do. it was nice being able to try out different things so you could decide. You get to choose your internship in something you are interested in. This helped me choose a degee in Audio engineering. I feel the school could have helped me a little more to prepare for collage. My Mom helped me do all the work that the councilor should have helped me with. She researched different schools, set up visits. My school did not set up any collage visits until my senior year, By then I already had chosen and applied. They did have help to fill out the FASFA but she already did it. I think they need to start in the 11th grade to visit schools.
Since most of the kids have some sort of learning or physical problem the tolerance is very high. We don't tolerate any one picking on the other kids because they are different. There are alot of different sexual orientations and it is accepted.
We have martial arts club, chess club, football club, guitar club, yoga club. each semester they bring different clubs to try and if alot like it they continue the club. Thier is also free tutoring monday thru friday.
The school used to have a wonderful councilor but he is gone and I don't feel comfortable with the new one. This is a charter school specializing in children with some kind of disability. There are a lot with ADHD but there are some asbergers, physical disabilities... 60% percent have an IEP or 504 plan. The staff is really involved and they try their best to help you overcome your learning problems. The dress code is you have to wear a school tee shirt or sweat shirt and can't have your underpants showing. They as strict on bullying. The are adaptive, for example i love music and wanted to start a music club. I had trouble getting instruments so they started a guitar club but you have to bring your own or share someones. I would bring my electric drums to play along. They started an internship program and i had a really good internship at a local elementry school in the music class learning how to teach. I also for and internship went to the local collage in 11th grade for the early bird program.
The only sport they have is a martial arts club. Gym class is done independently in a fitness type gym with treadmills, weights, elliptical, bikes. You swipe in to the gym and it tracks your hours. There have been other clubs like a football club but its just a club.
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