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It's a small town school, everyone knows everyone, and with growing up in such a small town, the pride you take in your school and schools programs is indescribable.
Great country school with a close knit, small town feel. Just as competitive in academics and athletics as surrounding communities!
On some days the food is good. I guess it just depends on what they are having that day. I love their burritos!
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The social scene at Porum High School is the best! Student involvement is very good. I do not see peer pressure at all really.
The quality of this school is the best. We have a nice gym, football field, softball field, playground, and classroom. The heating and cooling works perfectly. The bathrooms are always clean. The technology is in tip-top shape, its always available. Tutoring is always there if you need it, and parent involvement is outstanding.
The teachers at Porum High School are really amazing. They work hard everyday to make sure we get the best education that we can possibly get.
The sports are excellent at Porum Public Schools. We have outstanding fan support, they never miss a game, and they are always right there to cheer you on or bring you back up when your down. Our team performance is always good, we are all into our sport and work very hard. Pep rallys at this school are the loudest! You can probably here all the hooping and yelling in our gym from miles away. School spirit is number one here.
I am apart of the Porum High School softball team. I wouldn't want to be on any other team in the nation, because we have some of the best, most supporting coaches for the team. They've taught us great sportsmanship, and how to work together to make things possible.
The academics at this school are okay. I never really hear anyone attending academics.
The facility is great at Porum school. The principal is very helpful to anything we need and very easy to talk to. The guidance counselors are also very helpful and easy to talk to, and are interested in what you have to say. The office staff and also very helpful. Bulling is not a problem at this school, and dress code is moderate but pretty laid back.
Bully is very rare at Porum schools, most everybody is friends. We often have practice drills, such as fire drills etc.. A police car watches over the high school parking lot arriving and leaving school. The school nurse is excellent. I think the school very safe!
Iv made life long friends from this school and will never forget the memories made here. What makes this school so unique is its the smallest school around and everybody knows everybody. I would choose this school again if I had to do it all over because iv played softball here my whole life and my team is amazing and not like others, as well as the head coach. I wouldn't trade those experiences for the world.
The cafeteria is very well kept clean for the students to eat breakfast and lunch. We are required a milk and a juice of your pick, apple or orange, in the mornings for breakfast. A heathly fruit is always offered for your breakfast. A milk is always required for your lunch in the afternoon. You are also required a healthy fruit or salad. There usually is a small variety to pick from. We only have snacks for the elementary, which is usually a healthy snack made by the cafeteria.
They take care of us and make sure we are doing the best we can.
Porum High School takes sports very seriously, but we always have fun.
Since our school is fairly small, we all know each other and get along well for the most part.
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