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Portville Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Teachers are great, they are there to help when needed. The school lunches are pretty good. Everyone is friendly.
I just started going to portville junior/senior high school this year in 2017. My two older brothers went to the school and both of them gradute from the school.
During my time at this school, I found many teachers who sincerely cared about the students and were willing to put in extra time to see them do well. There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities.
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The free college courses redeemed the blatant favoritism from the teachers and staff. I saved thousands by beginning college through the SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advanced) program.
Its very helpful and cautious
There are a lot of choices.
It depends purely on your classmates.
The teachers tend to play favorites, and make things unfair for the students who are doing well.
There are many after school activities that are both challenging and fun
This school is definitely unique as the students would sometimes make fun of the teachers a the teachers would just laugh like they are just teasing
The teachers are different so the methods are different as well as there teaching style
Nothing has ever happened at this school that threatens a child's safety, other then small school fights which are never long lasting
This school has a mix of extracurricular activities but the quality differs drastically between them
Everyone loves Portville, students leave Olean to attend Portville because of the people who are here.
The differences between teachers are drastic, some are the best in the area and others could be improved
All programs are very well controlled
Students and faculty welcome you with smiles everyday
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Always willing to help students.
The sports are very wonderful for students
The facilities are very good
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